Saturday + Sunday {Daily Eats}



Saturday morning started off with breakfast potatoes (w/ greens cooked in them) and 2 eggs

photo 2

The middle of my day included little Harper and Kampbell, plus a Green Smoothie made at home

photo 1

For the life of me I cannot rotate this photo. So, we’re stuck with a sideways photo and my crazy computer. Ha!


Around 2:30, my Dad home homemade cheese less chicken taquitos with fresh homemade guar and romaine. Soo good!


For dinner, around 6:45 we had eggplant parmesan (also homemade) with salad & a small slice of sourdough.

photo 3

After dinner, Marco and I took off to a double date night with our friends Rodney and Leah. We went Ice Skating! This was so much fun!

photo 2

All of the photos were so dark inside! We played games in the arcade area

photo 1

Skated the rink

photo 4

And got to act like little kids again

photo 3

We even played the games that the skating place was putting on! Hey, I’ve gotta say, I did pretty good! Ha 🙂

photo 4 photo 5 photo 5

After Ice Skating we decided to continue the night and see The Wolf of Wall Street! One of my readers (hi!) told me it was good, so I had to see it. We really enjoyed it – but I will say, that’s the longest movie ever! We got in there at 9:30 and weren’t out until almost 1am. Good thing I wasn’t tired 😉 If you don’t like vulgar movies, you wouldn’t like this movie. If you can get past that part and just understand the purpose of the movie, you’d like it. I personally thought it was good, and really interesting.



Sunday started with quiet time. I’ve been having the best journaling times lately. I love it… 🙂


Breakfast was scrambled eggs & more green breakfast potatoes for me. I love how my Dad adds greens to everything!


After Church, I had the rest of my smoothie from Saturday with added water

photo 1

After my Green Smoothie, I did some Wedding Planning, and went to the Gym with Marco. I got such a good leg workout. My legs are dead today! Hurts so good!

After the Gym, I came home and made a Protein Shake. I used my Sunwarrior vanilla protein, some chocolate peanut butter Arctic Zero, a scoop of organic PB, a banana, and water. This was pretty darn good! A good way to use up the Arctic Zero that I have!

photo 2

Dinner was 1 tostada. This was a filling tostada, and just enough. We ate pretty early. I’d say about 4:30.

photo 3

Around 8:30 I got hungry for something sweet, so I had banana with flaxseed, organic PB, and organic maple syrup (1 teaspoon). I heated this for 20 seconds and mixed it all together. Yum!

photo 4

After that, I had half a mango. This left me feeling so satisfied and good about my choices! Perfect petite treats 🙂

Love, Paige

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