Scenes From Labor Day Weekend

Good morning all!

How was your weekend?

If you read my Newsletter, you know Friday was a little hectic for me – just one of those days! I’m glad to say that the rest of the weekend was so much better. Actually, right after I sent out the NL Marco and I met for dinner at Urbane Cafe and everything picked up (I guess that’s how I caught my break).

Here are some scenes from my weekend!

yellow flowers brighten houseyogurt banana granola on the balcony

Bright colors and so much sunshine

matcha tea latte iced homemade recipe

Iced Matcha Tea Latte!

Homemade: boil water, add your matcha tea (I use tealeaves), mix with desired amount of milk/honey and pour over cup full of ice. It’s mild and refreshing!

body works la fitness

Body Works Class at La Fitness plus un-pictured walks, Step, weights, and so much swimming.

music under the stars ventura skinny little twitsmarco and paige at music under the stars

Music Under the Stars event in Ventura with Marco, family, and friends! So much fun! Can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this event before.

We had a picnic dinner, listened to the band (The Skinny Little Twits), and danced to all of my parents generations music (which can be so much more fun than ours sometimes!)

young ones bbqinghawaiian village pool ventura ca

We went to the pool Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We got so much sun! On Sunday, we had a BBQ at our place after Church and breakfast with my friend Kelsey.

kelsey and paige cafe nouveau

noahate our wedding cake early

Last night was our 1 MONTH ANNIVERSARY! Can you believe it’s already been one month?! We dug into our cake top early 🙂

We each had a slice after a tostada dinner at my parents and then watched The Other Woman together. Marco and I had already seen it in theaters and wanted to watch it again. We thought it was so funny! It’s out in RedBox now 🙂

noah fell asleep

To end the night, Noah fell asleep under my feet. Ah, love this little guy 🙂 I miss him!

Okay, so to end this post, let me leave you with a couple of happenings this week!

free health coaching consultation

This is the week for Free Consultations! Click here to request yours.

Today is all booked, but you can still request a time for tomorrow. Go, now!

This is for you if you’re entirely sick of dieting and you want to have a normal, fun, healthy relationship with food and take your life (and personality) back! It’s so worth it! Please, do this for yourself. Come see me 🙂

Skype with healthy hits the spot on september fifth

The Lunch Skype Date is this Friday! I’ll be signing onto my Skype open to chat at 12:00pm (PDT).

And guess what? I’ll be chattin’ with you not from Ventura, but from Central CA in San Luis Obispo! Any readers from SLO?

Enjoy your day, and come back tomorrow for a {Daily Eats} post!


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