Do you deeply want to trust your body…

…but worry that you’re different or broken in some way?

You’re not broken, you’re not alone — and you don’t have to do it alone, either. You’re in exactly the right place.

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This call is a really special, no-pressure opportunity for us to connect in a deeper way.

During our our free discovery session, we’ll:

  • talk through your food ‘stuff’ together, in addition to anything else you’d like to work on – the sky is truly the limit in what you can improve through healing your relationship with food (career, finances, relationships, you name it)
  • get crystal clear on your goals and what you really want for your life
  • start to discover what’s holding you back from breaking through barriers and moving forward (you can overcome those things — I’ll help you believe it!)
  • start to open the door to your powerful transformation, and step into the excitement of your new, free life
  • empower you to take the next best step that’s right for you (zero pressure)

There’s no need to make a decision about working together over the phone — this call is about you and I getting to know each other, answering any questions you have, and making sure you feel comfortable (a huge part of working with me!).

As your coach, whether we work together for one session or six months, I am here for YOU and dedicated TO you. I am your listening ear and gentle guide. During our call, I want you to know it’s okay to be vulnerable and fully yourself with me.

“Paige has helped me so much and I absolutely love working with her. She makes me feel so safe in our calls and I never feel embarrassed or ashamed to share anything with her – nothing is off limits. I can talk to Paige about anything and feel completely safe. What I also love about Paige is that she can relate to everything I share – she’s walked in my shoes and she’s much more capable of helping me because of that.” – Heidi K.

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