secret about grilled cheese

Good morning friends!

breakfast yesterday: multi-grain waffles, PB, banana, honey + coffee

banana, peanut butter, honey

mmm, mmm good! Kept me full for about 6 hours. That’s a long time for me!

life in the day of a babysitter

beautiful girls! 🙂

and I was treated to a tall soy green tea frap! So nice!


not so relaxing- haha!

notice: czy coup. We all had it!

cutest little person! 🙂

lunch: smoothie in a bowl w/ berry blend, banana, almond milk, and hemp seed

on top: slivered almonds + pepita seeds

straw for the liquid, spoon for the thick

dinner: mmm mmm grilled cheese!

+ harvest grains meal (harvest grains, greens, black bean soup) & avo

cook harvest grains (trader joes, half bag) as package says, boil desired amt. greens (probably same amt. time), mix together, add box of TJ’s black bean soup & heat together. SO good!

I have a confession about this grilled cheese. Well, a few!

1) it’s dairy free, and gluten free

2) I secretly love (!!) little kids grilled cheese sandwiches with those little pre-packaged american cheeses. They are so gooey and good! But, I don’t eat them for obvious reasons.

3) this tastes like a replica gooey delicious grilled cheese sandwich, and I am totally going to buy my own daiya vegan cheese today! I also rubbed earth balance (also vegan) on the outside to let it brown. Holy goodness!

night snacks: quesadilla on corn tortilla. I had to try one more thing before I went out and bought my own daiya cheese, so I made a small quesadilla a couple hours after

this was another amazing success! I love this cheese!

a couple hours later (I babysat 8 hours last night) I snacked on a KIND bar. This was my petite treat. Sweet and delicious. Almond walnut macadamia + protein

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