I’m Vowing to Love Myself More this Summer (Join Me!)


Thank you so much for the questions and comments you’ve been sending in the past week. It’s been so good to connect with you and hear that you’re all relating to these posts about summer! I can’t wait connect on a much larger scale!

So far, we’ve talked about:

  1. What it was like for me personally to struggle through summers in my dieting days, and how if you’re in the same boat, there’s another much better option for you!
  2. How it’s okay to want to feel great in our bodies, and we can do so WITHOUT diets simply by opening up and having the willingness to learn something new and leave dieting behind.
  3. Today we’ll walk into the land of commitment and prepare ourselves for a supportive, encouraging, fun summer, surrounded by other girls who “get it” and want the SAME freedoms.

Get ready for the Self-Love Summer Challenge that I’ll be introducing in my next post!

Forget a summer tied to obsessing over gym workouts and waking up wondering what you’re going to eat that day. Forget having to skip out on vacations, BBQs, or beach days with friends.

Are you ready to feel fulfilled, light, and happier? Are you ready to eat what you want, while maintaining your natural weight without dieting or restricting? Are you ready to do more of what feels good? Are you ready to be surrounded by women who want the same thing? Do you want to take good care of yourself?

I bet you can already feel that willingness to open up and learn. Those curious thoughts floating in your mind that sounds like:

  • “What if I really could like myself more?”
  • “What if I never had to diet again, for real?”
  • “What if I could really say yes to more of what I want without feeling guilty?”

In my own story, I felt like a lost soul while I was dieting. Like, there was no hope for me, and that I was doomed to think about calories everytime I ate, stay obsessed with how long I’d exercise or how far I’d go, and what, when, and where I’d eat…

I put so much energy into staying away from those foods that I “just couldn’t control myself around.” Anyone else?

Today, I can tell you that I no longer look at the calories in my food, I eat what I want, I feel good after finishing a meal, and I enjoy and appreciate my body more than I ever have.

This is coming from a girl who ABSOLUTELY thought this was impossible to do.

So, I hear you. But you’ve got to hear me and believe me, too.

You’ve heard my story, and now you get to hear Nicole’s:

“I use to think I was going to have to count calories for the rest of my life to keep my weight under control. It stressed me out (I was constantly worried about the calorie counts of things – I never wanted to go out to eat), it made me cranky (never, ever filling full or satisfied), annoyed with my body (I ate so “good” yesterday, why is the scale up?), jealous (how can my girlfriend just eat one cookie, and how can my other girlfriend order the pizza for lunch, while I have to eat the salad with dressing on the side?!).

I was definitely not the best version of myself and that made me sad.

Then I met Paige. My life changed. She taught me to be gentle with myself and starting this process of intuitive eating and not counting calories WOULD work and there are NO mistakes. How awesome was it to hear that?!?! Especially when I constantly thought I was making mistakes with everything I ate and did.

Today, I am so much more content! I enjoy going out, I enjoy trying new things, I no longer am a part of the vicious cycle I was on of binging/restricting.

Working with Paige was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was so nice to have someone in “my corner,” someone that I could get a hold of anytime, someone who understood what I was going through (when I honestly thought I was the only one).

I am finally free and the person I truly believe I was meant to be. I look forward to each day and I can’t wait for the future. Everyday gets better and better. From the bottom of my heart thank you Paige.”

This could be you. If I can do it, Nicole can do it, and hundreds of my other clients can do it, there is NO reason you can’t have a great relationship to food too. You just have to choose to say ‘YES’ to yourself.

In the next post I’ll share the next step you can take to figure out HOW to get there. If you want to be surrounded by like-minded women, build supportive relationships, and move AWAY from obsessive dieting, over exercising, or thinking about food 24/7, you’re in the right place.

For now download your free commitment statement here, and continue to think about what’s possible for you (an incredible, full summer!).

My friend Abby and I would LOVE for you to take a photo of your signed statement and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #SelfLoveSummer2017. Tag us @healthyhitsthespot and @eatworkplaybalanced and we’ll come say hi! One of you will win a one of our giveaways including all summer/fun products (like boxes of GoMacro bars, our favorite dry shampoo, etc)!

Did you sign your statement? If you did, let’s make this more fun! –> Comment saying “I’m committed!”


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