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you need to transform

Do you deeply want to trust your body, but worry that you’re different or broken in some way?

You’re not broken, you’re not alone — and you don’t have to do it alone, either.

You’re in exactly the right place.

One-on-one support could change everything for you if…

  • you’ve read books, done courses, and tried to improve your relationship with food by yourself, but it just isn’t ‘clicking’ for you
  • you’re totally tired of restrictive, obsessive diets and intense workout routines that consume your thoughts, energy and life, but you keep getting sucked into old patterns
  • you feel confused and conflicted about food on a regular basis, and the more you read the more confusing it gets (are you “allowed” to order a salad — or is that giving in to diet mentality?)
  • you want to be free and to lose weight — but you’re having a really hard time reconciling those two goals (and it’s taken all your strength not to redownload that calorie-counting app you were so happy to delete)
  • you’re not satisfied with your body even when you’re at your “goal” weight — you suspect there’s something deeper going on, and you need a safe place to explore that
  • you want to deeply love, trust and accept yourself always, but you’re not sure how to get to that place from where you are now
  • intuitive eating goes well for you for a while, until you start to gain weight — and you get caught in a downward spiral of shame and guilt

Most of all… you feel depleted, exhausted, restricted, anxious, guilty, ashamed, confused, lost and out of control around food — and the amount of mental and emotional energy you spend on it keeps you from being fully present in other areas of your life.

You want — and need — to be free.

You’re not alone.

Truthfully, it’s so common to feel completely alone when we’re struggling — but please know that the path you’re on has been traveled by many, many women before you.

Really, take a look — you may recognize yourself in my clients’ words:

“I was very lost when I first reached out to Paige. I had little confidence in myself, in every aspect of my life. I was in a space of trying every challenge that promised to help me lose weight and they were not working for me. Regardless, I would still try to do them because I wanted to lose weight so badly. These challenges just made things worse.

I would be so angry at myself that it seemed to work for so many other people, yet I wasn’t feeling good (about myself, or my life). It was mentally, emotionally and physically draining. I was done; I wanted to figure out a lifestyle that would work for ME.

Paige always supported me in such a realistic and calm way; which in turn, has helped me to feel more calm and zen as I continue to support myself, behind the scenes. … I am grateful and proud to love myself and have a better relationship with myself today.”

Kim S.

”I went into my coaching with Paige knowing so much about intuitive & mindful eating, but for some reason I just couldn’t figure out how to live that sort of lifestyle. I was in a place where I just knew I needed that extra guidance to help me get back to my body’s roots.

My first call with Paige was an instant sigh of relief. She related to everything I was struggling with, whether it be food restriction/diet mentality, being a gal in her 20s, or society’s pressure that is put on women. I immediately felt more relaxed after our call because I knew she would be able to help me get back in touch with my body and learn the skills to not be so hard on myself.

In the end, it was never about the food. Paige helped me realize this and guided me into a life of truly nurturing and caring for myself. Our calls not only lead me to multiple “a-ha” epiphanies, but also true self care that I realized I had been denying myself for years.

With Paige’s support, I now can say that I treat each day like a Friday. And by this I mean that I am excited for each day when I wake up, as opposed to living a diet type life mon-thurs and only living for the weekends. I get excited about what my body is hungry for, I enjoy wine nights with my friends, I have more confidence to try new things and meet new people, and most importantly, I now know how to pause and check in with myself to ask my body what she needs in any particular moment.”


If the beginnings of those stories sound anything like yours…

You can create those very same endings.

Here’s what I know for sure:

You — just as you are — are fully capable of connecting to and honoring your body’s signals, of trusting yourself and letting go of rules, restriction and obsession.

You can treat yourself with unconditional, relaxed love and acceptance… even if, right now, you cycle between anger and disgust.

You can stop bingeing when you come home from work and stop running to the kitchen at the first sign of anxiety.

You can step off the rollercoaster and on to stable ground.

All of that is within you, right now, as you read this — you just need just-for-you support and guidance to help you bring it out.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women (from all walks of life and every corner of the globe) to change their lives in the most powerful way imaginable — by being true to themselves, without being ruled by any kind of dogma (even ‘intuitive eating’ dogma!).

Whatever is blocking your connection to your inner wisdom, it’s likely that I’ve encountered it myself, or have helped someone overcome it.

Imagine knowing you can trust yourself completely…

…no matter what’s in your fridge or what’s on the table at that potluck you’re headed to this weekend.

Imagine feeling content in your body, secure in your sense of self and completely calm around food.

Imagine reclaiming your mental, physical and emotional energy — being able to devote yourself completely to the things that really matter in your life.

Imagine feeling free, like these ladies do:

“Before my Discovery Session with Paige I thought I would use intuitive eating as another diet. I thought I would try it, lose my college weight, and move on to the next diet when the time came. Little did I know working with Paige would change my life forever and there would be no next diet.

Paige is one of the most kind and compassionate people I have ever met. She has taught me how to listen to myself and trust myself in a way that I never imagined. I went from being afraid to go out and socialize with friends because I would break my diet, to enjoying going out regularly and finally getting my life back!

After my first 6 months with Paige not only did I learn how to eat intuitively, but I learned how to handle it when I don’t. I used to feel so much guilt around food and “cheating on my diet” but diets no longer have that power over me and I was able to free myself of all my crazy rules.

Paige’s style of coaching is what amazes me the most. When I am talking to her and trying to work through something she asks the perfect questions so I can figure out how to solve it on my own. My coaching has now gone way beyond intuitive eating and I honestly do not know where I would be without her.

If you are questioning working with Paige, don’t. I wish I started sooner and am so grateful for everything she has taught me so far. I look forward to each session with Paige and even though I have a lot to learn I have seen such a huge change in myself already and love the person I have become.”

Margot C.

“Being able to wake up in the morning without the cascade of dread and self-loathing has been beyond price. Paige will help you challenge even your most destructive and dark beliefs regarding food and your body, and she will help you see the senselessness of their waste.

The bandwidth that has opened up in my brain after offloading these beliefs has been one of the most freeing experiences of my life. I can think clearer and better than I can ever remember.

And for those afraid that letting go of dieting will land you in an unhealthy and disgusting body? It turns out my body can be trusted! It turns out the signals it gives me, when honored, keeps me at a great weight. And it also likes a brisk walk and bike ride daily! Who knew?

Paige is worth it. She can’t and won’t solve all your problems, but she’ll shine a light in that cockroach den that will help you unbury your potential and get you unstuck.

Direction, self-compassion and peace around food (and subsequently in all areas of your life) will begin to surface.”

Kendra K.

Please believe me when I say you can have the freedom you imagine and the life you hold in your heart.

But in order to step into that reality, you have to stop walking down the path you’re on right now (where does it lead?) and take one small step in a different direction.

That small step is to book your free 30-minute discovery session with me.

This call is a really special, no-pressure opportunity for us to connect in a deeper way.

During our our free discovery session, we’ll:

  • talk through your food ‘stuff’ together, in addition to anything else you’d like to work on – the sky is truly the limit in what you can improve through healing your relationship with food (career, finances, relationships, you name it)
  • get crystal clear on your goals and what you really want for your life
  • start to discover what’s holding you back from breaking through barriers and moving forward (you can overcome those things — I’ll help you believe it!)
  • start to open the door to your powerful transformation, and step into the excitement of your new, free life
  • empower you to take the next best step that’s right for you (zero pressure)

There’s no need to make a decision about working together over the phone — this call is about you and I getting to know each other, answering any questions you have, and making sure you feel comfortable (a huge part of working with me!).

As your coach, whether we work together for one session or six months, I am here for YOU and dedicated TO you. I am your listening ear and gentle guide. During our call, I want you to know it’s okay to be vulnerable and fully yourself with me.

Book your free 30 minute discovery session

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“During my discovery session with Paige, I was immediately comfortable opening up to her. She was so warm, understanding and confident – and it just felt really good to open up and share my struggles with someone who has been through, and overcame, experiences with body image similar to mine. I shared with her my apprehension of making the six month investment, and nothing changing within myself at the end of our time together. Paige was able to talk me through my own self-doubt and inspire confidence within me to get down to work on myself for the next six months.

Through my work with Paige, I am now on a path of continuous self-discovery. I accomplished the goals I established at the beginning of our time together, and Paige empowered me with the mental know-how to handle new struggles – as they inevitability will arise. Thinking back to the fear I felt at the start of our journey together – that I would put in the time, but nothing about me would change – not only can I see that that was my self-doubt getting in my way, but I also see that Paige believed in my abilities the entire journey.”

Elizabeth P.

“Paige’s blog was recommended to me by a coworker who was going through Paige’s 6-month program. I was intrigued and spent the next two years reading Paige’s blog religiously – silently dealing with my insecurities over food and my body. What made me finally reach out to Paige was the realization that I couldn’t do it alone anymore. The last year had been extremely stressful for me and when my mom suggested I get help, Paige was the first person I thought of.

I still remember our consultation call and the surge of happiness I felt thinking about where I would be in 6 months. As I write this today, I’m still in shock that I achieved all my goals. And it was all because of Paige. Paige doesn’t just teach you about intuitive eating, she teaches you about intuitive living. The mindfulness I learned around food is the same mindfulness I’ve adopted for myself in general. Tuning into my feelings was never something I did. I would constantly stress about good vs. bad foods, use crash diets or juice cleanses before trips, and turn to alcohol to let go of my need for control.

I can safely say this is the happiest I’ve ever been and that I’m at the most natural weight I’ve been at in a while. I know I’ve lost weight from working with Paige, but it isn’t really about that anymore. It’s about feeling free from the tremendous stress I was carrying on a daily basis about food and my body.”

Andrea S.

Jumping Ahead: Your 6 month Total Transformation Program

After your free discovery call, you’ll decide if working with me one-on-one is your next best step.

If we decide to work together, during our transformational 6 months together, you’ll…

  • rediscover your inherent ability to listen to your body’s true wants and needs
  • discover a place where you don’t feel guilt or judgment around anything you eat — you’ll simply see food choices as feedback; as signals and cues for self exploration
  • develop an unshakeable trust in yourself and discover the confidence to create the life of your dreams (whatever that means for you)
  • set and accomplish personalized goals that are hand-tailored to your growth, in a way that feels empowering and exciting
  • understand and reduce your cravings for foods that don’t serve you, so that they lose their hold on you for good
  • finally feel confident, beautiful, and joyful in your body
  • improve and deepen your personal relationships and the relationship you have with yourself
  • practice treating yourself with kindness and love as you develop a personal self-care practice
  • work to achieve and maintain your natural weight, without restriction or rules

Here’s what my one on one support looks like, specifically:

  • six months of my fully present coaching, via two 50-minute phone sessions per month (12 calls total)
  • unlimited email and text support, between sessions (you’ll never, ever be alone in a tough moment — just text me!)
  • a made-just-for-you welcome gift in the mail
  • my personal commitment to your health and happiness
  • BONUS – free access to all of my online courses and a vibrant community of amazing, like-minded women through a six-month membership (all paid for!) to Aligned Coaching
  • are fully committed to our work together, both during and between sessions
  • are willing to be open, honest and vulnerable with me, with the understanding that our sessions are a safe space
  • will hold our time together sacred, honor our schedule commitments and prepare for each of our sessions
  • believe you’re capable of change, and are ready to embrace new ways of being in your life
  • consider yourself to be self aware, reflective and curious
  • are excited for coaching (if you have any fear, I always say fear is just excitement on pause)
  • have an awareness around who I am as a coach & my philosophy (which I talk about right here on this page)

In exchange, here are my commitments to you…

  • I will show up for you and be there every step of the way, to guide you on a journey of self reflection as you find your own path to inner knowing and peace (around food and in your life)
  • I will listen to you, and create space for what matters to you most
  • we will have deep and meaningful conversations, and fun and light-hearted ones too. I’ll push you when you need it, and take it a little slower when you need that too
  • I believe you are the expert of your own body, however, I also understand that years of dieting &/or outside food rules can cloud knowing *how* to listen to your body. Therefore, I will also show you how to reconnect with the signals your body is sending you
  • I will support you to discover new perspectives that allow you to break through barriers and move forward
  • more than anything, I’ll remind you of what you’re capable of (even when you can’t see it yourself)

How to know coaching isn’t right for you:

One on one coaching isn’t for everyone — it’s not a quick fix and it will require commitment, courage and deep, soul work on your part.

It’s normal to feel apprehensive — this is a big step!

If you know you’re not ready to step outside of your comfort zone and turn toward your fears, you may not be ready to reap the full benefits of one-on-one coaching with me. And that’s totally okay.

But if you think you might be ready…

You owe it to yourself to take 30 minutes to find out.

Book your free 30 minute discovery session

Answer the questions below and click ‘Book My Free Session’ to request your discovery session:

Free Discovery Session

  • Your phone number is not required, but if you're comfortable providing it, I'd love to save it before our call so I know when you're calling in.

After you click this button, I’ll send you a few questions to learn a bit more about you,
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“I did hop on the scale last week and realized I’ve lost ten pounds since working with you. Those ten pounds mean more to me than all of the many, many pounds I gained and lost and gained and lost through every yo-yo diet. Those are ten pounds that I lost effortlessly, patiently, by simply being good to my own body. I don’t have to fear that those pounds will creep back on now that our coaching is over, the way I would have immediately regained them after a diet.

I was trying to think of the best way to summarize how my relationship with food has changed, and I realized coffee is actually a great example. I used to think the ONLY way I enjoyed coffee was with a ton of half and half in it, or better yet those chemically flavored creamers you can get. I would take my biggest mug, fill it with coffee (leaving as much space as I dared), add tons of cream (to the point the coffee was just lukewarm), and then CHUG the whole thing down. My husband would even watch me do this and gently say, “Hey, you don’t have to drink it so fast!”

Back then, I would constantly go on some new diet where I wasn’t allowed coffee any way but black, and I would hate it. Then I would fall off the wagon and way overdo the cream in my coffee again until my next diet. I actually thought at the time I just liked to drink my coffee fast because that’s how I was, but now I realize that the reason I did this was because I was constantly taking cream away from myself, and I was probably scared that I’d start a new diet mid-sip!

But over the course of the last nine months, without even realizing it, that all changed. I gave myself full permission to enjoy real, organic cream in my coffee, as much as I wanted. And I think for the first few months I did that. But a little while ago, my husband pointed out one day, “Hey! You don’t chug your coffee anymore!” And I realized he was right — now I choose the smallest mug because it stays hotter that way, put just enough milk or cream in it that it turns a pretty color but is still piping hot, and savor it.

I also went from using chemical-filled creamers, to organic half and half, to whole milk, to 2% milk or soy milk. Not because I was trying to cut the calories or wean myself off the fat, but because I slowly realized the taste of full cream in coffee is too rich for me most times, and milk is actually a lot lighter and more enjoyable for me now. No amount of dieting could have ever brought me to a point where I genuinely savor and enjoy coffee the way I do now, and though it seems like a little thing, it really means so much.

The truth is your one-on-one program is really “health coaching” in the fullest sense — in the whole life, big picture way that no other program I know of is. I not only totally revolutionized my approach to food, but my approach to my work, my productivity, my finances, my relationships, my home, my happiness, my mornings, my body, and my life. And it all happened in such a steady, sustainable way that I hardly noticed the changes, until a friend points out “Hey, you never body bash yourself anymore!” or asks “HOW are you so glowy? Did you cut out dairy?” and I realize the answer is 100% through my work with you.

I was so worried about our coaching coming to an end…like the magic spell that has allowed me to work through all of this might suddenly wear off. Or like I might just go right back to where I was. Instead, it has been a perfect transition. Like a gentle landing after a long flight, where you barely notice the wheels touch the ground.”

Charlotte N.

Book your free 30 minute discovery session

Answer the questions below and click ‘Book My Free Session’ to request your discovery session:

Free Discovery Session

  • Your phone number is not required, but if you're comfortable providing it, I'd love to save it before our call so I know when you're calling in.

After you click this button, I’ll send you a few questions to learn a bit more about you,
plus a link to my private calendar so you can book your free session.