Serving vs Performing: Let Your Light Shine

Inspired by a recent episode of the Living Brightly podcast titled “#107 Let Your Light Shine: Serving vs. Performing,” let’s explore the difference between helping and acting, and its impact on our ability to shine.


Let Your Light Shine

In this episode, we discussed a powerful verse from Matthew 5: “You are the light that shines for the world to see.” Just as we wouldn’t hide a lamp under a bowl, we must let our light shine freely.

The Critical Difference: Serving vs. Performing

As I reflect on my life, I realize the crucial distinction between serving and performing. Serving comes from love, while performing seeks validation. When I serve others, I do it with genuine care and compassion.

On the other hand, performing leaves me stressed and questioning my efforts. Performing is like hiding a lamp. Even if I engage in acts of service, my flawed motives lead to resentment.

Unveiling Our Light

Unfortunately, we unintentionally hide parts of ourselves, dimming our light. But God gave us unique gifts to shine brightly. It’s important to recognize areas where we hide or engage in behaviors that diminish our light.

Scripture tells us to let go of hindrances. We all carry burdens, but God wants the best for us. Through my relationship with Jesus, I’ve experienced freedom and fulfillment I didn’t have before.

Becoming Vessels of His Light

God wants to fill our lives with joy. By identifying and surrendering obstacles, we draw closer to Him, becoming vessels of His light. A powerful song that reminds us of this journey is “New Wine” (listen here).

Let’s pray and ask God to remove barriers that dim our light and hinder our connection with Him. Let’s invite Him to prune our lives, so we can reflect His love.

Living Brightly: Shifting from Performing to Serving

Living Brightly means embracing who God created us to be and letting His light shine through us. By shifting from performing to serving, we create space for love, compassion, and connection.

Together, let’s cast aside obstacles and enjoy the freedom that comes from walking closely with God. As we abide in Him, His light shines through us, and we walk in goodness.

For the full conversation, listen to episode #107 “You Are a Shining Light,” on the Living Brightly podcast, available on Apple or Spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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