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Hello everyone!

Well, I am back from San Fran! I had a great time. I stayed with my friends Linda + Scott while there, and was so treated by them. They took me out to such fun places, made me cappuccino’s, inspired me, introduced me to many of their friends, and taught me a ton. I am blessed by them, that’s for sure.


This truly is the only human picture I took while I was there. This was right before I left Saturday afternoon. Just shopped Lulu 😉

I just wanted to relax, be cozy, and vacation from my camera.


Linda just sent me this photo in a text. Do you think I accomplished my relaxing and being cozy? 🙂


I woke up to the Marina and cappuccinos every morning. They took me out to several places including:

  • Samovar – tea lounge
  • Sight Glass – cappuccino
  • Bi-Rite Creamery – ice cream
  • Aziza – french/morrocan food
  • Panchita’s – salvadorian Pupusa’s
  • The Fairmont – hotel for drinks
  • Squat & Gobble – breakfast with Jenna @ Eat, Live, Run (so fun to meet such a successful, sweet blogger – she and her husband were so kind. They taught me so much!)
  • Rainbow – super Health Food Grocery Store in SF
  • …and more!


This Capp is from Sight Glass. I had the best time.


I came home Saturday night and met up with my family at the beach in Ventura. We visited, drank wine, and ate snacks. My cousin Haley came home from Humboldt for the weekend, and we all got to meet her Mr 🙂


Sunday, I woke up for Church, and made my first cup of almond milk/agave Coffee all week. Ahh, the love I have for this drink… so warm and cozy 🙂

We went to the early service at Church, and afterward went to breakfast with the whole family.


Yep. You guessed it! Cafe Nouveau, as always. It’s our favorite..

I got an Omelette with potatoes. Oh, and a blueberry corn muffin, of course!


For dinner, Marco and I had our leftover Urbane Cafe from Saturday night. My fridge is empty.

I had zero lettuce to make a salad, so I cooked some broccoli instead. Frozen broccoli comes in handy 🙂


After dinner, we decided to get cozy and go out for a drink. I missed the boy while I was in SF.

IMG_2658.JPG IMG_2659.JPG

We went to Eric Ericsson’s, and I continued my lime/mint mojito weekend obsession. The coloring in these photos were so weird, I had to make them black and white. Hello!

This morning, I woke up craving nothin’ but a fruit smoothie


This is no green smoothie. Trader Joe’s is calling my name!


For a mid-morning snack, I had some yogurt with gluten-free granola and sunflower butter

Around 2, I was starving, and snacked on a banana at my counselors office


When I got home, I scavenged for some food in my fridge. Here’s what I came up with.


Rice cooked with bell peppers, tempeh, and a little bit of tofu. Seasoned with low-sodium soy sauce, and edamame on the side. Actually, this turned out great! Now I have lunch for tomorrow until I shop 🙂

Tonight, I did some Health Coaching, but all VIA email.


After working, I began putting some “things to live by” papers on my cute bulletin board I just hung today 🙂


Whatever will be, will be…


And just before this post, I snacked on some trek-mix


Before I go… A couple new Lulu loves

IMG_3631.JPG IMG_3632.JPG

I love the back of this tank! And the color… it’s the best!


I also got a jacket on sale for $59. Whaaaaaat! It’s very bright – I love it!

I’ll have to get better pictures at a later time. In fact, someone suggested that I do a post on my favorite Lulu items… Hmm… I could do this!

Would you all like that?


Okay, I am off to my Step Class. After Step I am going to come home and try to get a little bit of reading in. I’m currently reading One Thousand Gifts… ahh… I’m about ready to start my Gratitude List 🙂

Who has read it?

I hope you all have a great evening!


Love, Paige

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