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[Updated 3/19/15]

Group Coaching Waiting List

Group Program – She’s Got It Together. 

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group health coaching program

Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Get:

  • Who: 4 Like-Minded Special Women
  • What: Six 90-minute Sessions, E-mail Support, Private Community Group, Your Own Program Packet, Post-Call Follow-Up Notes
  • Where: VIA Phone for Convenience
  • WhenTBD. Interested? Let me Know Here.
  • Purpose: To Help YOU Create a Life of Balance, Flow, Fun, Productivity, Leisure, and Quality SO that ——-> You Can Arrive at Your Natural Weight, Be Confident, and Live JOYFULLY

Session #1 – Assessment/Setting-Up + It’s Good to “Be Bad”
Session #2 – Drink Good Coffee, Eat Good Food
Session #3 – Enhance Your Environment + Be More Fun
Session #4 – Make Yourself Rich Without Changing Your Income
Session #5 – Master Your Schedule + Get Great at Weekends
Session #6 – Change the Way Others React to You

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”
– Maya Angelou

Price: 3 payments of $227 OR 1 payment of $597

>>> ENTIRE Program for only $297!!! <<<

…remember how I told you that I’d chat about how dieting is a thief of your joy?

Dieting is the ultimate distractor from the things that we are MEANT to focus on. The things that make life grand. Which is exactly why in this Group Program, She’s Got It Together, we’re going to focus on much more than just food. In fact, we only have one Session designed around food (and by the way, this is a Session on food that you’re going to have so much fun with!).

Chances are, you know a ton about how you “should” be eating already. Do you think perhaps the reason “nothing’s sticking” is because it just doesn’t work to put all of your focus into your diet?

Responses from past Clients:

“I enjoyed the group program so much! It was nice to be in a calming setting with girls that were just like me. What was also nice, was having interesting topics that didn’t revolve around food, but more about everyday situations and how to get the most out-of-life! Six-weeks flew by!”

“Meeting for six-weeks was just perfect! I also liked that we met weekly.”

“I really enjoyed this group program! It was so much fun to reconnect with Paige [we had working in one on one coaching before] and to meet the other women in the program. I really debated about whether or not I should invest in another coaching program. My one on one coaching with Paige was wonderful, but I wasn’t sure a Group Program would be “worth it.” Boy was I wrong! Clearly, there was a part of me that was really yearning for connection. It was really fulfilling to participate in a program with relatable women who share some of the same challenges as I do. I definitely recommend this program to anyone who is in need of connection, accountability, and genuine support!”

“Having a Group of four women in a Coaching Program is great. It was truly perfect!”

“I loved all of the topics!”

“I loved how unbelievably organized the calls were. It was great having a really detailed agenda for every call!”

Email with any questions.

xo, your coach


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