Should You Eat 3, 4, or 6 Times Per Day?

So, the past week or so since I have been off my my No Grains, Sugar, Cheese Cleanse, I’ve been really working towards listening to my body. It has been wonderful and has made eating so fun.

One thing I have noticed is that if I’m really listening to my hunger signals, I am hungry about 4 times per day. This is what I’ve been enjoying. I think it’s most important to just listen to your body. Before, when I wasn’t eating grains, I wanted to eat about 6, maybe even 7 times per day. I ate smaller portions every couple of hours. This worked great for me.

Now, since I’m eating more meals, I am only getting hungry about every 4 hours. This is also working great for me.

One thing I am making sure to do, and also Coaching my girls to do, is eating at the table. Boy, what a difference this has made for me.



7:30a 2 eggs, 1 white, and sourdough toast with organic earth balance


11:30a fruit salad with plain yogurt mixed in, organic coconut & raisins, and some whole almonds.


3:30p Green smoothie for me, and a green smoothie for Marco


6:30p shrimp stir-fry, broccoli, and avo + a salad to share

Oh, and this evening I also went out with my girl friends for a drink. While there, I did enjoy one Oyster and a small bread roll. This was just to taste while we sat and talked 🙂


Woke up at 5:30a and walked with my great friend Aubrey. We walked two times around our local park which is 1.3mi.


7:30 2 eggs, 1 white, and a slice of sourdough with organic earth balance. Now that fall is hear, eggs sound so comforting, warm, and satisfying. Mmm! Same with s-dough toast 🙂


11:30 same as the day before. I love this combo!


3:30 organic apple with peanut butter and yogurt mixed together.


When you mix the two together you get this delicious, fluffy, cream like dip for your sliced apples. It is divine!


6:00 dinner was half a tuna melt. I mixed one can of tuna with olive oil, aioli mustard, and pickles… then cut one square of cheese into four small pieces… laid it all out on a large piece of sourdough… then toasted it, cut it in half, and saved the other portion for Marco. I also enjoyed a little bowl of split pea soup 🙂

I am excited to eat whatever sounds good, whenever I am hungry. Try it today, and see how you feel! There is something freeing about only eating when your body signals you to. It’s the thought of “okay, I’m hungry. My body has now used everything up from breakfast… now it’s time to refuel with whatever it’s asking me for, and then after that I will just wait until I’m hungry again, and have the next thing that sounds good.” It’s such a fulfilling way to think about eating. I love it. There is no healthier way to eat than to truly listen to your body. You’re body is so smart.

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