Sickly Sat + Sun

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday…!

I have been off the blog all weekend because I have been sickly. The cough, fever, swollen shut eyeballs… the whole thing… I left work early Friday with my stomach killing me, and woke up Saturday with a new cold entirely kicking my butt. That being said, I slept, drank smoothies, emergen-c, had zero coffee, and relaxed. I relaxed so much that I have no idea when I ate what – so this post is just a bunch of randomness that I felt like. Marco stayed with me through the days pretty much all weekend, and tucked me in at night. Aside from me being sick, it was actually really nice to just rest and not have to do a thing.

One of the nights, we had pancakes for dinner. Not sure why, but they just sounded so good. I had boughten a box of super yummy pancake mix for Marcos Birthday, but we ended up feeling like something else that day. So, we cracked open the box this weekend.


Mine were blueberry pancakes with walnuts, and maple/agave syrup. So yummy! I could only eat 1 n’ a half. I think I was in over my head making 2 n’ a half. They were so satisfying!


I cooked them in pan over medium heat using coconut oil. Man, I love coconut oil! It’s so good for cooking.


Here is the box. Kodiak Cakes. The ingredients are really good! 100% whole wheat flour, whole grain oats, honey, and leavening, egg whites, sea-salt and milk.


At some point this weekend I also enjoyed that delicious salad that I have pictured on instagram. Okay, not at some point… I remember this… and it was Friday 🙂


Cranberry walnut gorgonzola dressing was delicious!


For lunch, maybe Saturday? I had green grapes, and toast with pesto + avocado. Mmm this was good!

One of the days, Marco made me toast with split pea soup poured over the top. That was delicious too! It was so sweet for him to make me something. I should have pictured that one, it was delicious.


Yesterday, I can remember. Marco came over around 9am to try and watch Church online with me. He brought me a Coffee Bean Tropical Passion Tea Latte. Oh my. So good! We couldn’t get Church to work online, so we went ahead and did our Receiving Love Workbook.


This weekend included a lot of green tea with honey. My Seester text me to check and see how I was doing, and said that I should drink ginger tea + lemon to kick my cold. I haven’t gone to the store yet, but I’m going to have to pick that up!


Last but not least, for lunch yesterday, Marco and I had my Dads homemade pizza filled with every veggie known to man, plus side salads with my Dads homemade bleu cheese dressing. Mmm!

Well, there you have it. Some of the weekend eats. Last night for dessert, I had green smoothie and a bowl of grapes. Natures sweets 🙂

We also watched a super weird movie that we found in the comedy section of Netflix. It was called Young Adult, and the whole time we were both saying “No, don’t do it! No, this is stressing me out!” Haha, the main character was nuts…! She was trying to get her ex-boyfriend back that was happily married. It was so awkward… It’s a you have to see it to understand kinda movie…

I took the day off today as well, because I don’t want to get any kido’s sick, so I’m going to be resting again for a full day. I think I will be 100% by tomorrow. Prayers appreciated! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


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