Simi is Visiting! Here’s What We’re Up To… :)

Hi girls!

Morning, and happy Friday! I’m popping in to say hi this AM. Sim (my partner in Finally Free) is here with me and we’re working away. It’s so fun to be working on Finally Free and to have her here! We love it, and have so many big plans for 2016!

Healthy Hits the Spot | Simi Visiting - 1 of 3

When Sim got here yesterday, the first thing we did was drop off her things and walk to Urbane Cafe. I of course had to introduce her to my favorite little spot. So yummy! They have new Fall specials that are to die for. If you have an Urbane near you, go now!

Healthy Hits the Spot | Simi Visiting - 2 of 3

After Urbane, we grabbed coffee from Scout (my favorite little coffee shop) and then came back home to do a live Q+A call with our Finally Free group. So fun! We both sat chatting afterward about how much we love our group.

Healthy Hits the Spot | Simi Visiting - 3 of 3

After the call, we continued working for a bit, and then closed up for the night. We walked downtown at the Farmers Market, and landed at Natures Grill for dinner. We sat there for a while catching up on work, personal life, relationships… Everything you can talk about when one of your very best girlfriends visits!

We ended the night around 10:00. Big day today! We’re up working now (this is our “Finally Free work weekend”) and in just a bit, we’ll be off to hike in SLO. Afterward, we’ll hit another coffee shop to iron out some more projects we have going on.

Can’t wait to share them all with you girls!! Thanks for hanging out, and make sure to come hangout some more with us on Instagram @finallyfreeprogram. Enjoy your weekend!

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