Simple Eats

It’s only 9:00pm, and I feel like it’s 2:00am. These 5:00am mornings really catch up to me! But, they’re worth it.


Monday morning at 6:30a I had eggs & toast, plus a bit of my Green Smoothie. I used so much water that it didn’t fit into my blender bottle. This is the extra 🙂


My morning was spent with this chipmunk!


Snack around 9:30. Apple!


Lunch at 11:30. Completely unsatisfying. I ate some of the sweet potato, the chicken, and left 100% of the lentils and avo. I was just not feeling what I brought.


About an hour later I had a PB&J to satisfy myself. It worked for sure!


Dinner was brown rice, chicken, and avocado with tamari. Yum! So simple, and so good!

Today’s eats are pretty simple! But that’s all I’ve got for ya!

Sleep tight everyone!

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