When You’re Longing for “Simpler Times”

Do you ever find yourself longing for “simpler times”?


…you’re longing for the time you were a struggling freelancer, creating your own hours, going on mission trips…

…you’re longing for the time that you bought your first condo, but couldn’t afford the payment on your own and always had friends living with you…

…you’re longing to the time you moved out on your own for the very first time, lived paycheck to paycheck, but always seemed to make it work.

Whatever you imagine the “simpler times” to be, are you imaging those times as easier? Less stressful? Less scary?

Does that mean you should return to those simpler times? That what you’re doing right now is too big / too scary / too much?

Should you go back to simpler times?

Maybe, maybe not.

But. Here’s the challenge to consider: there were likely hard parts (perhaps even the *same* hard parts, but on a different scale) of those times too.

The only difference is you’ve already lived it.

Your brain knows it’s a safe/survivable experience to live. Your brain doesn’t know what the future holds. Your brain doesn’t know what tomorrow holds.

But my friend… you might be exactly where you need to be. Especially if where you are right now was once something you really wanted.

You might be completely safe in this season. Right now, right here… and it might be a really good time in your life to stay where you are.

If it’s terrifying. If it feels uncomfortable, it may just be because you haven’t fully lived this version of “new” out yet.

What we remember as “simpler,” no matter what that is, was probably not perfect or completely easy. We just remember it so because we’ve already survived it.

You’re going to survive this too.

Hitting “publish” on this post, straight from my heart, for whoever might need to hear it. Did you need to hear this today? How does it relate to you?

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