Simply Satisfying Food Ideas + A ‘Can’t Miss It’ Challenge for EVERYONE

Good-morning to you all!

Wow, yesterday felt SO MUCH BETTER than the day before with eats. It felt so good to satisfy myself through the day with good, nourishing meals and snacks. My belly is so happy. I love that feeling 🙂

I hope that todays post brings you some inspiration for your own meals and snacks.

Wednesdays Eats

Simple Satisfying food ideas

Breakfast: oatmeal

After breakfast I went to the gym. I felt like I had so much energy from my oats. This taught me that carbs are great to have before my workout.

Simple Satisfying Food Ideas

Lunch: one slice of Ezekiel toast with two eggs, chicken and a pinch of cheese. Because, how could I not eat eggs in a day? 😉

I cooked all day, yet hardly cooked at all. I love my CrockPot! First, I cooked chicken thighs with a little bit of chicken broth. Then, I used the leftover chicken broth to cook my organic ground beef and veggies. Lastly, I emptied out the CrockPot and steamed cauliflower & butternut squash for a recipe that I’ll make tomorrow.

Simple Satisfying Food Ideas

Snack: apple & almond butter

Simply Satisfying Food Ideas

I sipped this coconut latte through the work day. It’s 8 oz of brewed coffee, 3 oz of soy milk, 1 T. of coconut oil and 1 t. of agave blended up. Yum!

Simply Satisfying Food Ideas

Snack: around 4:00 I had carrots & hummus + a few slices of fresh salami. I shared this tray with my Hubby.

Simply Satisfying Food Ideas

Dinner: chicken quesadillas & a fresh arugula salad + one bite of a NuGo Dark Mocha Chocolate Bar (we had just gone to Whole Foods and I wanted to taste this!).

Simply Satisfying Food Ideas

In the quesa’s: Ezekiel tortillas, chicken thighs, cowboy caviar salsa from TJ’s, jalapeños, and mexican blend cheese. SO yummy & so simple. I rubbed Kerrygold butter on the outside of the tortillas for extra deliciousness.

Simply Satisfying Food Ideas

After dinner I sipped this Peppermint Tea, which Simi introduced me to. I love it so much!

I am so excited to head to Ventura tonight. I have a photoshoot tomorrow (Friday) for HHS. I’m getting a blowout in the morning! I think I may be addicted after that fresh blowout in Columbus, Ohio.

After the shoot my Hubby & I are going to spend time catching up with friends. I can’t wait for some great fun! Feel free to come hangout on instagram @healthyhitsthespot or twitter @HealthyHitsSpot with me 🙂

Wait! Before you go…

Simply Satisfying Food Ideas

There’s a VIP email coming out tomorrow (you can only view this through email). I’m sending out a fail-proof challenge that will help each of you love yourself abundantly more this weekend. Make sure you’re signed up by clicking here!

Plan to commit to the challenge:

  1. Wake up 20 minutes earlier than you normally would tomorrow
  2. Make yourself your favorite cup of coffee/tea
  3. Take a blanket and piece of paper over to the coziest spot in your home
  4. Jot down _______________ (I’ll be telling you what this is tomorrow)
  5. Have the best, most self-fulfilling weekend you’ve had in a long time, and ultimately be a happier, better you to everyone you surround

Sign-up to read the challenge here. It’s coming tomorrow at 12:15(AM) PST so that it will be to everyones inbox by the morning, no matter how early you wake. Sign-up!

xo, your coach

Love, Paige

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