Sky High and Snapper Jacks

Hello everyone! I haven’t really shared a picture in a while so I had my mom take these before I left today to take my boys to Sky High!

Hi bloggers! 🙂

Ready to go! Angela and I went shopping while we dropped the boys off to play 😉

Here’s the boy’s putting their stuff (iPhone’s) in the locker… how old are they? I had Virgin Mobile when I was 12, not an iPhone! Haha

Look how fun this looks! I’m totally going to get a group of my friends together one night to come here because they’re open until 12am! How fun would that be?!

Caleb jumping

And Griffster! They had so much fun! So much better for them than sitting on a couch and playing hours of video games! 🙂

Right after we dropped them off, Lula & I went to Snapper Jacks in Camarillo to grab some food

I got a chicken taco which was soo good! It was just one of those times where they made everything JUST right and it tasted soo fresh. Very impressed today! Good jobSnapper Jacks!

LOOK what came in the mail today! Can’t wait to try these! They’re going to be so perfect for when school starts next week! I’m going to be burying myself in science! RN here I come! 🙂

Love, Paige

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