Sleepy Girl

Good evening everyone. I am so, so sleepy right now!

I’ve been waking up at 5:20 the past 3 mornings to walk with my friend Aubrey, and I’d normally be going to bed right now (9:20) but tonight I’m working. So hard to keep my eyes open.


Yesterday morning at about 6:50a I had eggs + toast


11:50 salad with bleu cheese. Yum! At the parents house 🙂

photo 1

4:00 soup + two things I was really craving (yesterday was the day before Mother Nature visited….)

photo 2

A taste of potatoes, and chips + salsa. I put everything in a bowl or plate, sat at the table, and enjoyed them. This helped me to be so satisfied, and I wasn’t hungry the rest of the night until about 8:00 when I made a Green Smoothie.

photo 3 IMG_4749.JPG

This is how I ended the evening yesterday, and it was perfect!

I got so much Wedding Planning done yesterday. I can’t wait to show you all what I’ve picked!

Love, Paige

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