Small Change Swaps!

Okay, I’m going off on these Small Changes because I am just so amazed thinking of the outcome over a year with Small Changes. Even Marco’s mind is blown! Remember, this is for my readers that would like to get to a healthy weight, or that would like to throw tracking calories out the window.

I want to give you guys some more practical Small Changes SWAPS that some of you may be able to use!


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Breakfast Cereal- measure it out!

As I started measuring cereal, I realized that you do not get as much as our cereal bowls tell us we get. I’m guessing that it would be completely normal for someone to pour 3 bowls without even realizing. Let’s say your serving size is 3/4 a cup for 100 calories (This is a pretty low cal cereal, but still a great example).

Let’s say you’re a cereal lover and eat it 6 days/week. Maybe you pour 3 times as much as the serving size- trust me, thats easy to do!

100 x 3 = 300 x 6 days = 1,800/week x 52 weeks = 93,600 cal/year

Now let’s say you measure it out

100 x 1 = 100 x 6 days = 600/week x 52 weeks = 31,200 cal/year

Now, let’s see the difference!

93,600 – 31,200 = 62,400 cal you save

That is 17.8 lbs you could lose just by measuring!


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Now let’s say you add 1% milk to that too big bowl of cereal. You’re probably added 1.5 cups at least, because that bowl is just too big!

1.5 cups 1% milk @ 120 cal/cup = 180 cal

Let’s go even further with the milk, and remove some dairy from your diet too. Who know’s, maybe you’ll feel even better!

Let’s use almond milk. If you’re measuring your own cereal to 3/4 cup, you won’t be needing even 1 cup of milk. So let’s pour you 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk for a total of 20 calories.

That’s 160 calories less! At 6 bowls per week that will save you 960 cal/week, and 49,920/year!

That’s 14 lbs in one year that you could lose by switching the type of milk you use!

Do you guys hear what I am saying? By making two small changes to your regular breakfast, you could knock off 32 lbs in one year!


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Do you ever hear how people “quit soda” and lose 40 lbs? Well, this is how!

Let’s say you are a regular soda drinker. You have 2 cans per day (most people who love soda have much more than this)

At 140 cal per can (avg) you are drinking 280 calories/day in soda

That is 1,960 lbs in one week. That’s 7,840 in one month (2.25 lbs right there!). 101,920 lbs in one year!

In one year, by knocking out those two sodas per day, you could lose 29 lbs!

See how these little changes make BIG results?

What habits to you have that you could change?

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