Snacky McSnacker


After Urbane Cafe, I went to my parents house to lounge around until I had to babysit next. I ended up not having to watch Griffin. I went to pick him up and waited about 40 minutes only to find out that he was going to a friends house. I am not complaining though, I actually had a nice time just sitting and reading while I was waiting.

I laid down for a while at my parents house until I couldn’t sit still any longer. I fixed myself some apples and yogurt and skyped with my Mom & brother. While we were skpyping I had hot cocoa, and following, I had a dark chocolate Kashi cookie.

While my Mom and bro were chatting away I decided I wanted another snack. I got up and put a couple scoops of cottage cheese in a bowl with a few Fritos. I love this combo and rarely have it.

About an hour later I ended my snacking with some broccoli and home made blue cheese dressing. I am quite the snacker today. I have a little a lot of something that starts with a P and ends with an S… Ah!
Before I went to my next job my Mom and I went for a good walk and just talked and of course, I vented… Just a little! Thank God for Mommas!

Love, Paige

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