I Caved and Got Snapchat…


Since I talk so often to my clients about unplugging, and giving themselves permission to step away from email, it took me FOREVER to get on board with Snapchat.

My objection was that I thought Snapchat would be another social media outlet to stay on top of. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media, but I didn’t want to feel like I had to be on my phone more than I already was (I put my phone away OFTEN and love that I can do this).

I practice what I preach, and since I’d even blogged about unplugging & JOMO, I wanted to make sure I was staying true to NOT being tied to a phone (personal value).

However, a couple of weekends back when I had a VIP day with my client Elizabeth, she said to me “Paige, you have to get on Snapchat! I would totally follow you & would love to see what you post!”

So, that day, I committed to snapping for one day to see how it felt. I jokingly posted that Asia and Elizabeth peer-pressured me into snap.

To my surprise…

It was kind of fun!

And helped me to take more photos! 

And actually didn’t keep me on my phone! I never realized how QUICK it would be to snap a photo and share it! It takes less time than Instagram (of course, all of you know this because you’re all Snapchat pro’s and I’m just starting). 

What I’ve been snapping…

  • My workday
  • Sending new client packages
  • Working with Sim (she just visited!)
  • Our visit to Ojai & the beach in Ventura
  • Dancing at a special needs prom my Church put on
  • Working on Finally Free
  • Noah
  • Dad cooking
  • Daily eats
  • Walking with friends

What I like about it so far…

  • It’s FUNNY (follow Lauryn Evarts and your whole Snapchat existence will be more fun – Sim & I love her!)
  • It’s easy to share little moments
  • It helps me to take & save more photos to share for the blog and have for keepsake
  • It feels personal and low maintenance

So, I’m kind of getting the hang of it! And I’ve kept it going for now. 

Today, as we leave for a 10 hour drive to northern California, I wanted to ask that you all help me experiment with this new way I’m hoping to connect with you!

It’s been fun to snap my clients when I’m sending out their welcome gifts right after they start their six-month Program, or watch my friends and their littles when I’m out of town, and share more of my daily eats.

SO, I guess the way it works (as Asia tells me) is that you add me, and then I’m supposed to add you back? You guys. I’m like the mom who calls and asks how to use her iPhone. I don’t get it!

Asia tells me that my username is healthyhitsspot (without “the”)… So, you can search that, or search “Paige Schmidt.”

While I’m on this trip, I plan to take photos on the road, on our stop in SF, and during our time in northern California. And I’d love to hear from you! Am I doing it right? Is there anything that would be fun to see that I should be sharing? TEACH ME ALL THE THINGS!

This trip will be the perfect time for me to experiment and see if Snapchat is actually in line with my values, and still gives me enough space to disconnect… and I definitely want to know if it’s a good way for me to connect with all of YOU. If it is, it’ll be worth it!

So, come along and connect with me! And seriously, don’t be shy! Give me tips. Tell me what I should share! 

Snapchat: add me @healthyhitsspot (am I even posting this right?!)

Instagram: follow me @healthyhitsthespot

*I may be away from the blog early next week, but will be back on Friday for sure. Come hang on Snap & Insta!* 

Love, Paige

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