So you wanna eat tofu? Here’s some ideas!

So, tofu is a food that’s often talked about in the health world… but how do you eat it? Well, here are just a few ideas! I have been eating tons this week- I love it!


For breakfast!

Eggs with veggies & tofu!

I sautéed some kale & frozen bell peppers in olive oil for a few minutes, then added in bite size cubes of tofu and let them brown a little (just barely golden on the edges)

Then, I whisked 2 eggs in a bowl, and poured them in the pan and let them cook a few more minutes over low heat, until the eggs were fully cooked. I added rosemary on top, and vuala! Breakfast!


For breakfast again! Just with a little twist this time

This time, I took the same breakfast mix (minus the kale- we were out) and put it inside of 3 corn tortillas.

Healthy breakfast tacos!

And of course, you know me! I added Pepper Plant right on top! Sooo good! I loved this breakfast!


For lunch, as a side!

Today, I had tofu with my lunch. It was just the right amount of food. To cook my tofu, I took some special rosemary-garlic marinade we had in the fridge, and threw about 1 tbsp. into a saucepan with my tofu. Again, I just cooked the tofu until it was golden brown.

I had Country Grain Salad from Trader Joes… simply AMAZING

Seriously- If you have not tried this. Please try it! You will not be disappointed! I but it sooo often now!

I also really like beets, so I had just a few on the side (just a few is good- too many is overwhelming)

I think Trader Joes has a pretty good little beet salad 🙂

You can pretty much cook tofu in whatever you want it to taste like! Get creative!

How do you do tofu?

Love, Paige

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