So You’re At Your 80th Birthday… Will You Enjoy Your Cake?

stop dieting when you're young

So, you’re at your 80th Birthday party. All your friends are there, having a great time. You’re reminiscing over the years.

It’s time for cake!

When someone brings your your slice of cake…

What will you do? What will you think?

Will you look back at all of your years, and feel a warming, deep sense of appreciation, thanking yourself for giving up diets/restriction when you were young, and loving your body the whole way through? Will you sit there, with your simple, gorgeous slice of cake on a beautiful tea-plate, and savor every bite, practically letting it melt in your mouth? Will you smile, with comfort in your heart & that ultimate, ultimate feeling of joy, knowing that you lived a life of freedom, pleasure, and kindness?

Or, will you look at the cake, still in fear? And wonder how you never gave it up? Still trying to diet, and alter your body in hopes that you would be happier, or more love able? Will you sit there wondering, after all of the years that passed, how it is that you never said yes to living in absolute freedom, and having a friendship with yourself/your body?

Ladies… We’re not getting any younger. No matter if you’re 18, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, or 80… Our time is only becoming our past as we go through life.

Now, I know I myself spent 7 years of my life dieting. I remember sitting in my counselors office one winter day, again, struggling to love my body, let go of guilt, and put the diets behind. I expressed to my counselor in those hours that I was afraid to give up the hope that came from dieting for a better, more thin, slender body. I didn’t want to give up the chance of having that. But, what would being thin  actually mean? She helped me to see the answer in her office that day: I could be striving for the ultimate thinness well into my 50’s & 60’s, and if I didn’t deal with accepting myself NOW, in my youngest years, I’d be in the same spot later.

My counselor shared with me that age doesn’t make a difference in how you feel about your body. In fact, in only gets harder if you don’t choose to deal with our beliefs now…

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend my years worrying about food, feeling distracted by thoughts of what I ate, how much I ate, and how it’s going to affect me.

I want to live a life full of freedom & joy & laughter & love. Through the hard times and the good. I want to show up for those who are sad, and I want to celebrate with those who are happy. I don’t want to miss milestones because I’m worried about how my body appears to the world. Instead, I want to love her deeply, and not care about what the world thinks of her. What matters is that *I* love my body, God gave her to me, and I love to treat her well. That’s it. The rest of life, our thinking space, our time… I want mine to be spent actually living life.

Now how about you? How will you feel when the cake sits in front of you on your 80th Birthday?

What will you do about that today?

One of my readers sent in this video as a testimony for all of you:

“I just wanted to share the video I made about my tranformation from a broken relationship with food to a confident and satisfied vision of my self. Your emails have really encouraged me and altered my view of and attitude towards food. I have felt God compelling me to share my story. I pray I can affect at least one person like you have affected me.”

Love, Paige

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