Soyrizo Tacos

Good morning ladies!


coconut oil coffee

Yesterday started off with the cup of coffee inspired by my friend Simi at The Micro Harvest. I have it in my hands again this morning 🙂


eggs rice and chicken villa

I ate breakfast a little bit later than usual, about 9:00. I usually eat with Marco right when he’s home around 6:30, but my appetite hasn’t been with me early in the mornings this week. Possibly because of a couple late night chippies snacks, or the fact that I’m not exercising a ton right now (for my knees).

eggs chicken villa and rice

Anyways, breakfast was leftover chicken villa & rice mixed with eggs and Dad’s homemade salsa. Yum!

turmeric solaray

After breakfast and a bit more work, I headed out to Lassen’s to pick up some Turmeric. My friend Jen recommended this to me, so we’ll see how it goes! Crossing my fingers that it will help my knees feel better.

apple dandelion juice lasses

I can hardly even remember the ingredients now… but I do remember it had beets & turmeric, so I was all for it! Oh, ginger too!

After Lassen’s I popped into Target, and then came back home to work for the rest of the day.


lunch break kale quinoa sausage less sausage

At about 1:00 I took a break from work to have lunch. I enjoyed some leftover kale, quinoa, and sausage-less sausage.

dark chocolate

I topped it off with a piece of dark chocolate.

healthy hits the spot coaching office

I went back to work until about 6:00. During my last hour, I had a glass of dark chocolate almond milk to carry me over until dinner. Wasn’t quite hungry enough for a smoothie, and this sounded perfectly cool. Yep, Ashten, that’s your card hanging up next to my computer 🙂 I have all of my Client cards out. I love them!


soyrizo tacos

Dinner was soyrizo tacos. One out of three broke for each of us… so it was more like two half tostadas and two tacos 😉

This was such a simple dinner: hardshell taco’s from TJ’s warmed in the oven, soyrizo (just heat it in a pan), chopped romaine, leftover green onions, and salsa verde (TJ’s).

After dinner I hung out with my Hubby. We went for a walk at the beach, watched a Jess (New Girl), drank cleansing tea (well, I did)…

honey dijon kettle chips

…and snacked on a few chips together. Honey Dijon Kettle Chippies. Pretty good! Pretty full of flavor so I never want too many.

Tomorrow I have two different posts coming. One here on the blog, and one straight to your inbox. If you’d like the inbox post delivered to you click here. It’s on “Choosing to Love Your Body.” 

Have a good day everyone! Come visit me here at the blog tomorrow so I can share our weekend plans with you 🙂


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