Started Our Pre-Marital

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend?



7:00a Eggs & Toast


12:00 banana + apple – been craving apples! FALL IS HERE!

IMG_4818.JPG photo 1

2:00 Go Macro Bar. I had packed lunch, but wanted to try this instead when I saw it at a house I was babysitting for. I’ve always wanted to try this. It was good, and definitely filled me up – I couldn’t eat my lunch after. I think I’d like one without Chocolate Chips though. Favorite flavors?

photo 3

After my bar, I sat down with Green Tea and journaled while the baby slept. Such a nice time.

photo 2


photo 4

When I got off, I met Marco and our Pre-marital counselor for Coffee. FIrst Session! This is going to be so great for us. I can’t wait until 8-1-14.

I cannot recommend Pre-Marital Counseling enough. I am so glad we are going through this. Most of what we talked about we already knew, because we are in our second Pre-Marital book on our own, and we’ve already done 8 months of Counseling together. BUT, there are still great things that we are learning, plus, we are being so encouraged.

I’m going to be Marco’s Wife! 🙂


When I got home around 5:00, I had this smoothie before working.


6:30 a quick dinner. I heated up sweet potato that was already cooked, rotisserie chicken, and had (cold) lentils & bruschetta on the side. I ate most of the chicken, and a little bit of the sweet potato, and all of the lentils.


8:30 two baby apples for dessert. Yum!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! I’m off for my second walk of the day, and then working from 9:30-9:00. I have a small break in-between to hopefully get ready, and a short break for mine and Marco’s Friday meet-for-dinner routine. Will it be Urbane Cafe? Or will it be Chipotle? Or will it be something else….? Hmmmm! We shall see!

Love, Paige

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