Stay Home Diaries #1

I’m feeling the itch to write. To communicate. To talk with you. To journal/share my thoughts during this time.

So I’ll be doing something similar to daily eats but different than normal… because these times are different than normal times.

A couple of times per week (I’ll be posting every other day, but have other posts to share as well) I’ll be doing a Stay Home Diaries post. Sharing what we’ve been doing… what we’ve been eating… sharing my thoughts and perspectives and checking-in on you too.

I’m going to pull out my “big camera” as I call it. I want to use it to get in touch with my creativity. Maybe I’ll even learn a little bit of Lightroom. I’ll share some photos here. For today, I’ll share glimpses from my iPhone.

I want this to be a fun outlet, not a to-do. So I don’t know exactly how these posts will look, but we’ll find out as we go!

I hope you enjoy them and that they allow you to feel connected. I know I’ll enjoy writing them and I know I’ll also enjoy looking back on them later (my favorite thing about blogging daily life is getting to re-read posts later), when this is all over.

For today, I’ll share that my fingers and heart were on fire this morning. I woke up at 6:05, poured my coffee, and sat down at my desk. Instead of thinking “What should I write about?” I allowed myself to let God speak and asked “What do I want to write about? What do I feel inspired to write about?”

A few things came up, and I’ll be sharing those posts all week. I can’t wait to share them with you.

The rest of today:

  • upload blog posts and schedule them for this week
  • read Principle #8 of Intuitive Eating on Respecting Your Body and create a new audio lesson for The Growth Vault
  • check emails from the weekend
  • share on Instagram, prep clients for the week, wrap up work for the day
  • eat lunch with M
  • take Abby for a run
  • work for an hour or two on the vineyard
  • shower off and relax outside with M – probably have a glass of wine
  • make dinner together
  • watch a movie
  • go to bed

What are you up to today?

Here are a few photos since quarantine started:

Beach walk in SLO
Day 1: We went the the beach
Abby at the beach
Steak, potatoes, and green beans
I’ve had more energy to cook this week – we’ve been eating yummy food!
Church from home
Church from home.
Working from home
Moved stuff from my office to a home office – since I can, I feel a responsibility to stay home.
Glass of wine
The day I was cleaning out a bedroom where we’re currently living to set up my home office.
Work from home office setup
Current set up.
Where the coaching happens
Where the writing (and coaching) happens!
Abby asleep
Lots of time with this pup has been the best part of staying home.
Mornings with coffee and quiet time
Mornings in bed with coffee and quiet time.
Wine from the vineyard
Wine from the vineyard where we’re living – it’s great!
Abby playing outside
Abby girl, wanting to be outside 100% of the time.
Flowers in the yard
Stopping to smell the flowers and appreciate the small joys.
Salmon with rice and asparagus
More home cooked goodness. Stores are back in stock with chicken and beef, but early on I could only get fish.
Marco sitting outside
Sitting outside with M. It’s chilly, but so nice we took on the cold anyway. #QOOTD
Working out with Abby
Working out with 1,000,002 interruptions from this sweet pup. Anyone else?

I hope you enjoyed this post! Sending you loads of love wherever you are. See you back here the day after tomorrow for a new post (I’ll be blogging every other day, at least for the next two weeks).

If you have a blog and are writing about this time, link to it below! Would love to see.

Love, Paige

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