Stella & Dot Success!

Good morning everyone, and Happy Sunday!

I woke up this morning feeling like a ton of bricks hit me! I’m so tired from last nights Trunk Show. We had such a great time. It went soo well! Plus, I wore heels all night, so it feels like I had two workouts yesterday. Haha, ever have that feeling?


I don’t have 100% of my pictures from Friday, but here are the ones that are worth sharing 🙂

The morning started off with a Health Consultation for one of the Mom’s I babysit for. Love, love, loved this Consultation. So special, and I am so excited about this Client.


The day went on working (remember my Crazy Busy post?) and in between my 2nd two jobs, Marco and I met for dinner and Coffee… ah, the best! Getting to see my boy in the middle of a busy day.

We got Chipotle. I got food other than lettuce, I swear. See? I tried using my fork to show you. Haha, this was one of those “how am I ever going to get a picture of this?” foods… wait, maybe you don’t know what that is like?

Inside had black beans, tofu, fajita veggies, pico de gallo, guac, and lettuce. Mmm mmm good!


For dessert, a decaf Soy Latte from Peet’s. This was my first time at Peet’s!


I didn’t take a picture of my outfit Friday, or Saturday and I’m so bummed because they were both cute! Here’s a last minute photo I got of my Friday outfit after putting the baby to sleep. I snuck off for a quick minute to the mirror 🙂


I had my Gilded Arrow Ring on and my Hudson Leather Wrap! Email for details, how to earn it free, and how to earn items half off 🙂


Okay, now we are at Saturday. I woke up, had a Coffee and Larabar, and headed to my morning Step Class. Such a good class!


After the Gym, Marco and I stopped at Blenders and got smoothies. I got acai energy smoothie with added spirulina. It was so hot yesterday! I can feel the heat coming again today!


We watched Tyeson’s soccer game with our Smoothies


An after the game snack was a little bowl of lentils with avo. I wasn’t too crazy about this snack yesterday. I think it’s because I added pepper and just didn’t like it.


After his soccer game, we all headed to the Beach


Here is a really strangely stretched photo of Aubrey and I!


On our walk back from the beach (to the car) I snacked on a PB Larabar


After the beach, I had a Green Smoothie. Man was I craving this!


At night, I had a Stella & Dot Party! Wahoooo! It was a success!

If you have your eye on anything currently, let me know so I can put your order in through my hostess last night so she can get to her goal! She’s only $90 away, so any order will make the difference 🙂


I didn’t get a chance to eat dinner, but at the party there way plenty of food. The only non-gluten containing food was chips and salasa/guac that my Dad made, so I did have some of that, even though I am still not eating grains. I tried to pile of as much of the guac and corn salsa to each bite as I could. It was actually quite filling. With all the excitement/chatter going through my mind, food was not of importance. Health Coaching girls- Primary Food. Here’s an example!

Okay, I am off to Church! Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!


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