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So, the last couple of days have been crazy, and exciting! I’ve been working hard on getting started with a new adventure, Stella + Dot!


Renegade Cluster Bracelet


So, here’s the story!

About two weeks ago Marco and I were walking downtown Ventura, getting ready to do our usual Farmer’s Market run. There’s a small grassy area that we always walk through from Main St. to get to the Farmer’s Market. Well, this particular Saturday, there was a festival going on downtown, City Fest. Sitting in the grass was my now dearly beloved friend, Nikki! She had a small table set up with a huge Stella + Dot sign going accross the front. Automatically, I thought to myself “this girl is a genius! What a great place to sell Stella + Dot!” I went up to her and her husband (he’s her greatest supporter) and talked to them about how I thought this table was such a great idea. I left my email for Nikki, because I loved the Jewelry and I wanted to host a trunk show. Fifty percent off AND Stella + Dot credit, yes please!

Nikki emailed me when she got home and instead of asking me to do a trunk show, she invited me to be on her team. I was really excited when I read her email because I didn’t ever think about actually signing up. Five days later, she invited me for Coffee and talked me through her entire experience with Stella + Dot. Of course, I got really excited, talked to Marco about it, and he was fully on board.

The most exciting part to me was getting to meet new women, and network with professional, nice women who liked to have a good time. Man, these girls do! My first meeting was at the Bellavino Wine Bar in Thousand Oaks. Everyone was dressed so beautifully, the girls were all radiating happiness, and they were full of energy and passion. This time, my thought was “I have to have some of this!”


Picture from Google Search

So, here I am, two weeks later signed up for Stella + Dot and booking trunk shows, getting ready daily, and ordering way too much jewelry online (thanks to my sample Credit!). Seriously, I’m having so much fun already! Nikki and I got Coffee this morning, and we talked all about our Stella + Dot plans.

photo 1

She is seriously one of the sweetest girls I’ve met in a while. No, you’re all sweet, but Nikki, seriously! She made me an entire welcome present with nail polish, post-its, my own Card reader, personalized logo stickers that she created herself, and personalized Catalogues. She’s awesome!

photo 2 photo 3

This is a joke, because my Website currently says my last name twice. Haha!

The biggest blessing so far has been the girls. Everyone has been so welcoming, so sweet, and so outgoing! I’m really excited for this new addition to my Professional life! Health Coaching is still my number one focus, and will always be. Stella + Dot is going to be as successful an addition as it should play out to be!


Another fun thing about Stella + Dot, is that it makes me want to get dressed in the morning. When I put it on, I feel confident, bold, and full of life. I want to go places, and do things! There’s just something about getting ready during the day that makes me feel motivated!

Do you feel extra motivation during the day when you get ready?


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