Step-by-Step Stir Fry! Simple!

Mmm mmm stir fry! Now, I made this after I got home from the gym, and I’m really not sure whether or not to call it lunch or a snack, because I went out to lunch about 4 hours later. This is just going to be meal #2 today! Hehe, we’ll do my meals in numbers 😉

This stir-fry is so simple, and SO good! I got a little picture crazy today, and am giving you all a STEP-BY-STEP picture recipe!

Bejing Style Stir Fry from Trader Joes; in the the frozen section

Get out a large pan and put about 1 tbsp of olive oil to heat

Put your frozen veggies in the pan after the olive oil feels warm when you place your hand over it (obviously not touching it)


Keep the heat just above medium

While you’ve got that goin, get out some walnuts

Toss a small handful into the pan

Add your seasonings. Use real garlic if you have it and if you don’t mind having smelly hands 😉 I was trying to avoid the smelly hands today, haha!

Thaw out the Bejing Style Soy Sauce by running it under warm water

Add it to the pan

Reduce the heat

And mix it together. Let that get all warmed up, and then you’re ready to serve!

Grab your chopsticks

Make it pretty!

And last but definitely most importantly, ENJOY! 🙂

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