Stepping into the Future You

Stepping Into the Future You

Happy Wednesday everyone! As you’re reading this, I am in Mexico with Marco, Selah, and some of our friends. We went last year and it was such a great time, so I am excited to visit again. I will be sharing our trip on Instagram stories, so make sure to follow along here!

This week’s podcast episode is about stepping into the future you. Who you are actively becoming each day. Who you want to become. I hope this episode motivates you to step into your future self and who you want to become!

As I have gotten older, I desire to live my life to the fullest, because I feel like I am missing out on the best parts of life if I am not going for the things that I know will bring me joy. I care so deeply about living my life to the fullest and fulfilling my purpose. I know life will not always be happy or “the best”, but I try to step into who I want to be no matter the situation.

However, when I was younger, I was constantly looking for happiness and fulfillment outside of myself, whether it was through guys, partying, friends, or my body image and dieting. My value was only tied in achievements outside of myself, and because of that I could never be truly fulfilled. When I began my relationship with God, I immediately felt that fullness I had been missing. I wanted to become the person He wanted me to be, and since then I have felt so much joy, purpose, and clarity.

Future Self Visualization 

The first step in taking action toward becoming your future self is knowing you don’t need complete clarity to emerge into your next step or action. Something that helps me when I am not sure of next steps is to do future self visualizations. I walk you through this in the podcast episode, and it has helped me so much! I have followed those hints from the visualizations and they have brought me so much clarity. Whatever hints come up for you during this visualization, go and do those things. Take small, daily actions and commit to these actions.

I want you to spend some time today visualizing your future self, and then write it down. Let your imagination go wild, and capture it in your journal.


Finally, I want you to start thinking how your future self would think without fear. What would you do if you were unafraid? Start doing those things, even if you are scared. Expect the fear and do it anyways. It is normal to be afraid, but in order to step into the you you want to be, start doing the things you are scared to do.

In the podcast episode, I also walk you through ways to overcome the fears you encounter throughout your journey to becoming the version of yourself you want to become, and how you can say yes even in the fear. Going through these activities are so important in gaining clarity and purpose, and they have been key for me stepping into the version of myself I love and gain so much joy and fulfillment from.

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