Strange Sunday

Strange Sunday is an understatement. Today has been beyond weird, and it all happened in the hour following my babysitting job.

This morning, I went to a Step & Sculpt Class, and it was great. Half the Class was late because of Daylight Savings time. Go figure! I was a few minutes late myself.


After the gym, I went to my first babysitting job of the day


We made a princess puzzle and took a picture to show you all how beautiful it was 🙂


A short while after I got there, I snacked on this Peanut Butter Cookie LARABAR


I know some of you like to see inside- so here it is!

5-5.jpg 6-6.jpg

I still needed a little more after that, so I had an apple with a spoonful of Organic Peanut Butter


Harper played around outside, and eventually wanted a matching snack to mine


I cut up apple & banana with Peanut Butter for her (and her doggie). She ended up feeding the puppy too. Whoops!


We played with bubbles (look how pretty in the picture!), played with balls, climbed around outside, read books, did dishes… etc!

It was so cute, I was doing dishes and I said “Harper, you want to come help Paige do dishes for Mommy?” She said yes and quickly ran over. I dried a few and she put them away. Then she disappeared and I found her in the bathroom with a few dishes of her own in the sink. She was washing them just like me 🙂


After babysitting, I went to the bank, Staples, and Trader Joes. As I was leaving Trader Joes, I noticed a Mom and her daughter getting out of a Fiat. I first noticed because I thought the car was cute, and it held my attention because the Mom was carrying a big ol’ backpack. Instead of leaving, I re-parked my car and watched where they were walking because I had my fair share of suspicions. Living in Ventura, and walking downtown, I’ve already seen plenty of this. I was ready to say something. Sure enough, they walked over to the corner of our Mall, took out a sign, and stood there as tons of people who drove past read “Anything helps, God Bless”

Ugh! This frustrated me so much. First of all, this little girl was growing up learning that this was okay. Secondly, they just got out of a brand new shiny Fiat! They earned that money by pretending to need it? That is not okay, and it really “errked” me. I pulled up next to the lady and I said “This makes me sick. I just watched you walk your daughter all the way from your brand new Fiat parked across the parking lot.” She responded “What the f**k b***ch!? I don’t have a Fiat! I just got off the bus!” At that point I just drove away because clearly she did NOT just get off the bus. I was shaking as I drove away because it bothered me so much.

I drove about 10 minutes closer to home, and was about to turn at the light when suddenly I heard a huge “BAM!!” I turned my head to see three cars smash right into each other. Luckily everyone got out of their cars and were walking around, and there were tons of people on scene as it was right next to a park, but holy cow! How many things can happen at once?!

While driving home, I thought about all of things I was thankful for, and glad that I was not living in either of those situations that I saw today. There are so many things in life that can remind us to be grateful where ever we are- it’s crazy how many things can happen in just one hour… I truly hope all of you are doing good today and are in good safety. This made me so sad..


When I got home, I ate lunch. My Mom had heated everything up for me in the oven while I was doing our grocery shopping, and I got home just on time. I had Palak Paneer with Naan Bread.


This is a frozen dish from Trader Joes, and it is absolutely delicious! I would have eating the whole container, but I knew eating twice the amount wasn’t going to satisfy me anymore than half the container. I’m saving it (savoring it) for later on 🙂


That’s what I tell myself a lot when I’m eating something seriously delicious- “Am I going to enjoy eating more of this right now? Or am I going to enjoy it more in a few hours from now?” Almost ALWAYS I decide to wait and it ends up being my next meal, or I don’t end up feeling like it myself and I fix it for someone else in my family, or save it for the next day. This is how I savor my food better 🙂

Okay, so lunch was normal, and now I’m blogging and drinking coffee. All back to normal. Sheesh! Crazy day! Now, time to shower and go help Griffin with this World Geography Project. Time to get busy! Hope you are all having a more relaxing Sunday than I am!

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