Study mode! Checkin’ in!

Good morning everyone! I am going to do a quick post of my day yesterday before I am off to school this morning.

It’s finals week, so yesterday morning I woke up at 4am to study. Ended up paying off really well because I got a 99% on my Anatomy Lab Exam! Felt great! I have really high grades in both classes- so I am hoping and praying to be relieved from taking the finals!

At school I had a thinkThin bar to hold me over until I got home later that afternoon

When I got home I had 2 of my Mom’s gluten-free cookies! Without giving away her recipe, she made these oatmeal cookies by blending oats in the blender instead of using flour. If you have celiac and are sensitive to even the slightest bit of contamination (which I am not), then you should definitely buy gluten-free oats (which are sure to be free from contamination).

A few hours later for dinner, Kurt and I had soup that my Dad made. It was so good, and reminded me of Italian Wedding Soup! Mmm!

I can never say it enough, I love my Dads soup!

Before we left to Coffee Bean last night to study with people from our class, I grabbed an apple to end my eats for the day.

This morning for breakfast I forgot to take a picture, but I had the same breakfast as pictured above. I will probably not be posting today, but I should be here tomorrow to fill you in on what I ate today! 🙂

Everyone have a beautiful day, and if you have tons of tests this week like me, I wish you the best of luck and my prayers go to you! Study study study! 🙂

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