Such a fun weekend!



Friday morning started with a Green Smoothie before my early morning Health Consultation at Simone’s. While there, I got a Soy Latte


When I got home I made a delicious Omelet!


Inside was my tofu stirfry from the night before, and on the side was half an avocado


In the afternoon, I snacked on a few almonds and mango slices

IMG_0975.JPG IMG_0976.JPG

Look! They love Stella + Dot too! I got my package Friday. SO exciting! Next post will be all about my Stella + Dot haul!

IMG_0977.JPG IMG_0978.JPG

Dinner Friday night was a shell-less tostada (I had a little more after this).

Inside was beans, chile verde, lettuce, tomato, onion, guac, and salsa. LOVE my parents cooking!



Saturday also started with a Green Smoothie


To my morning job I packed trail mix and an apple. All got eaten other than the LB.


It was my good friend Emma’s Birthday yesterday… so guess what I bought her? My favorite Pouf from Stella & Dot!


For a snack during the morning job I had a banana and PB


Bracelets! I always feel so dressed and ready now 🙂


Marco brought me a Soy Latte to work! He hung with Dylan and I for about an hour. It was such a sweet morning!


Look at D’s cars! So good for a 4 year old! I loved ’em 🙂


Around lunch time I had the apple I brought and more PB


After Dylan’s I went home, quickly fixed myself up, and went to Emma’s Party!

PS, my Sister n’ law got me this makeup holder. Isn’t it amazing? This is my little getting ready station 🙂


Here’s what I wore to Emma’s!


And of course, a S&D necklace!


Emma’s was so much fun! I got to meet 3 new readers of HHTS- so fun! I love meeting you guys out and about!


I had a Margarita and a lime Jello shot. Look how pretty they were!


The Birthday GIRL!


At the party I had fruit, salad, and the inside of this tofu taco (did not eat the tortilla).


After the party, I had to stop by my parents to drop a couple of things off. When I got there, guess what was there? ANOTHER Stella & Dot box! AGH. These past two days have been exciting!


For dinner, I went out with my friend Aubs. We went to the Happy Hour at Aloha Steakhouse. We got tons of cheap appetizers. SOOO good! Sauteed mushrooms to split, shrimp cocktail, and then an order of fried zucchini that I tried without the “fried.” I peeled off the fried part 🙂


After Aloha, we were being goofy at Urban Outfitters. We should have boughten the glasses huh? Haha. We had a blast!


Later in the night once Marco was off, we headed downtown to walk around and go to the Tavern.


My boy!


Around 12:30am we got… drumroll… In-n-out! I got a 3×3 cheeseburger with french fries and a chocolate shake.

Haha! Jk.. that was Marco’s 🙂 I got a hamburger protein style and shared fries with Aubrey. Yumm!



This morning we woke up still full from In-n-out, so went to Church without breakfast. We decided we’d get it after, which we did! Marco and I had such a fun morning! We rode bikes to Two Trees Cafe. About 2 miles from out house 🙂


Seriously, this was the best breakfast ever! I’m soooo impressed by this place! I will definitely be back! Plus, I love that we got to ride our bikes 🙂

This was a 12 o’clock breakfast, so we are still pretty full around 5pm now. We are heading out to the movies in just a bit, and MIGHT share some popcorn without the butta, and there’s a good chance I’ll get a decaf coffee, but that will be it for the day 🙂

I hope you have all had an incredible weekend with your friends! Have a great Sunday, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow 🙂


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