Sunday Funday!

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday!


Yesterday started off with chia cereal and almond milk before Church

The peach was eaten after Church. What we learned yesterday “Do for one, what you wish you could do for everyone.” I love this! You can watch the Service by clicking the link- by the way, pretty sure the link will only be good for one week since they change the video on the site each Sunday.


For lunch, I had breakfast. 1 egg and some potato! Homemade, and soooo delicious!


After lunch, all of our friends came over for our Sunday Funday 🙂

photo 1

photo 4

Aubrey and I, three times!

photo 3 photo 5

photo 2

All the girls in the Jacuzzi!

photo 2

For dinner, I had a salad at Bombay’s and shared some friend with Aubrey and Marco. Yum! Bombay’s has great fries! And Marco got a burger that looked out of this world!

photo 1 photo 3

Sweet potato fries were my favorite 🙂

Okay guys, I’m off to work for the day! School is starting up for me again today! It’s the IIN Immersion Program.

When are you going back to school?


Love, Paige

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