Guess what!


Good afternoon loves! Hope you are all having a great Sunday! This morning I woke up, and had my Coffee with Almond Milk and Agave while I got ready for Church


I headed out around 7:40 and snacked on this Peanut Butter Cookie LARABAR on the way there. Can you say quick breakfast?!


Hello! 🙂


Right after Church I headed over to my babysitting job and packed up my car just like a Mom. Bike in the trunk and everythang! 😉


On our way to my parents house, Chloe and I stopped by Target to get her a new toothbrush. She didn’t want to wait to use it.

She is the ONLY person who can brush her teeth and not make me cringe because she is so cute (but really it still made me cringe, haha). If you don’t know, it is the absolute worst sound in the whole world to me. I don’t know why it doesn’t bother me when I brush my own? Maybe because I can feel that it’s not actually “scratchy” in my mouth… it just sounds like it and I hateeeeeeee that!


When I got to my Moms house, she made me a real breakfast of 2 eggs, 1 and a half pieces of wheat toast, and two pieces of bacon. I like when my Mom makes bacon because she microwaves the heck out of it and gets all the grease out. Haha, I know, microwaving is not the best… but lets be real…. can you really make bacon any worse than it is? Haha


After breakfast, our neighbor brought over a beautiful tart. 


I had a little piece of it. It was sooooo good! I was tempted to have more after I ate this, but I asked myself “is this really going to satisfy me more? Or am I still going to want more if I eat another 4th?” I was definitely just going to keep wanting more the more I ate, so I accepted that I was already satisfied and I really did become satisfied after that 🙂


Next, Chloe, Noah, and myself went for a walk around the neighborhood. She rode her little “cool big girl bike.”


Noah rested a couple time along the way too 😉


And when they got home, they both rested! Notice how under construction our house is? Haha!

So, guess what you guys?! I got accepted to a school that I applied to for Nursing! It’s CSUCI, only about 20 minutes from home. The crazy thing, is that I had totally forgotten that I applied there because it was for Nursing, and since I changed my Major, I was banking on moving out, getting a job, and waiting a year to go to school. Welp, not now! I decided that since I had been accepted, I am going to go and get my Bachelors, or Masters (not sure yet) in Liberal Studies and pursue teaching. I have always wanted to be a teacher, so I am just going to do it! If I get into the field, and it turns out to be everything but what I expected, then what’s the big deal? I will be 23 years old, with a Bachelors and/or Masters degree, and I will know that I tried my best to pursue my dreams. And on the other, better hand, I may go into it and LOVE it and be a big part of many childrens lives! Nothing bad can come from this! 🙂

That being said, I have decided to move back home. I am moving back in with my Parents in about 2 months, and am going to stay there for about 3 years until I finish school. Crazy how things work, huh? The awesome thing is that the Lord has worked everything out for His good! He has already provided a new room mate for Aubrey, and the entire situation is like one big puzzle piece that fits perfectly together! Another plus is that at the same time I move home, my cousins are moving in next door to us! Party! 🙂

I am so excited for everything that life has to offer, and everything that’s happening and is on it’s way. I can’t wait to continue in sharing in this journey with you all!

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