Super Sized Daily Eats

This post is being named Super Sized, because I am taking you through Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! I’ll try to keep the wording to a minimum so you can enjoy the photos!

Thursday (Thanksgiving!)


On Turkey Day, breakfast was 2 buckwheat waffles and 2 eggs

After breakfast, we headed to the Gym for a Turkey Day workout!

photo 1

Thanksgiving meal was… this! Delicious… I ate just over half!

photo 2

My boy! And coffee…!

photo 3

We stayed at my families house for quite a few hours.. When everyone was getting the dessert out, I decided it was time for some more salad. I didn’t feel like sugar at all, and my sissy made the best salad I’ve ever had. I think it was the most commented food! She added dates to it, with a homemade balsamic and strawberries… soo good!

photo 4

Later that night, after we took one of my Mom’s sweet friend, Molly, some food, we had some TDay leftovers. Thanksgiving food twice! Yes!


photo 5

Friday morning I went out to breakfast with my girl friends! I picked at my muffin, and enjoyed all of my egg-white frittata! Sometimes just the whites sound good!

photo 1 photo 2

Here are my girls!

After Nouveau, Marco and I hit the Gym


For lunch, middle eastern flatbread with turkey, roasted bell pepper sauce, onion, spinach, lettuce, pickles, and a few chips


Plus some soup about 30 minutes later… my belly felt like it needed to be settled


Dinner that night was made half BY MARCO! WHAT! 😉

He grilled burgers out back, and I made the french fries inside. First ever dinner cooked together.


Regular potatoes for him, sweet potatoes for her

Two burgers for him, one burger for her

IMG_5276.JPG photo 3

A while after dinner, we decided we wanted some ice cream. So, what did we do? We rode skateboards to get it!

You should have seen how much a was sweating after this… my legs are not used to moving like that… haha!


Haagan Dazs for him, talenti for her!




Eggs & toast for breakfast

Then a killer Gym class at 8:30… My legs are still dead today, and it’s Monday!


Right after the Gym I had some soup!


For dinner, chicken adobo with the fam! ALL TIME FAVORITE MEAL.

photo 4

After dinner, we went to my cousins for cake and ice cream for my little Klover’s 1st Birthday! We had a blast…

I am not really a cake fan, so I had some decaf, enjoyed family, and waiting until I got home to have my sweets 🙂


A little bowl of my Talenti.



Breakfast was eggs & toast


Lunch was chicken adobo leftovers with salad… Yum!!!


Yes, it’s this good 😉

photo 5

After lunch, I spend hours budgeting


Since lunch was early… around 11:00… I had a slice of pesto veggie pizza that my Dad made around 3:30. One slice with some salad on the side. Perfect!


After our pizza snack, we rode bikes to the bank! We’ve been finding ways to be just a little more active with our days, and it’s been so fun!


We had a late dinner last night of corn burritos with salsa, and salad with tomatoes. Yummmmmmmmm.


Seriously, I’m dying over all the good food that’s at my parents house… It’s taken away any urge to snack… Now I just get excited for my meals!


And Sunday night, I finished off my Talenti while watching New Girl with Marco!

Thursday through Sunday was so nice. I had so much time off, I got to spend it having fun, being with family, reading, enjoying great food, being active, and productive all at the same time.

It’s Monday now, and I am feeling refreshed!

Hope you enjoyed this daily eats overload! Tomorrow’s will be just a little bit smaller 😉

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