Superbowl Sunday

So, what was my super bowl like? FOOD. That’s all I can say. This was worse than Thanksgiving. Agree?

I think I’m going to recommend that Superbowl Sunday be changed to a legal Holiday because FOOD always seems to take over on those days too 😉

My Dad made homemade pizza, which is honestly amazing. It doesn’t even compare to other pizzas now. I am spoiled with this one!

I really try to only eat it on special occasions though, because this is what happens: I cut one small slice… then another… then another… then another… you get the picture 😉

It was soo good! I am not too much of a football fan (at all), but I enjoy the fun foods, and the company! I think next year on Superbowl Sunday I am actually going to attempt to make healthy foods, because I am always jealous when you all post millions of your healthy snacks! 🙂

You didn’t just think there was pizza did you? Oh, no. There was lots of candy involved too. Peanut Butter M&M’s will be the death of me.

And Reese’s too. Basically, anything with Peanut Butter!

I had a good time (madonna and the commercials were great), ate enough for 3 people, and am ready to start the 7 Day Slim Down tomorrow! (You all know how that feels!) I went to Trader Joes & the gym after half time, because I knew everything would be EMPTY. I was going to get all that done this morning, but I figured it would have been PACKED. EMPTY sounded better 🙂

Speaking of Madonna. What did you guys think? I happen to think she did awesome! Everyone is bagging on her because “she’s too old to be up there.” I think that’s one thing that’s so great about it! And she looked like she was having so much fun up there! I say she did great!

Okay, well, good night you guys! I hope you sleep well! I can’t wait for my new challenge starting tomorrow!

“If you think you can, you WILL!” 


Love, Paige

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