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A few weeks back, as I was sitting in my living room working, this little thought hit me.

How cool would it be if I included bonus mini-interviews within Authentically You

I posted this idea on Instagram to ask you girls what you thought. You all said you loved it and thought it would be an awesome bonus. So instantly I started doing interviews & reaching out to women who I knew you would learn from.

Women who could speak to things that I hear my clients talk about since I know you’re just like them (we’re all pretty similar around here).

Topics like…

  • I feel like I want something deeper in my life. How do I develop a spiritual life that is my own? I’ve never really had my own beliefs or practices.  
  • My life feels so chaotic. I feel so busy. How do I make time for the things I want to do each day/week? 
  • I just found out I have a food allergy, but I want to continue eating intuitively. Can I fit these two together without falling back into old extremes? How do I do this?
  • I want to see changes in my body, how long does it take to start seeing changes with intuitive eating? How do I stay encouraged if it feels slow?
  • How do I enjoy myself as a single person, and not get so wrapped up in wanting to find someone else? How do I take care of myself, so that when I do get in a relationship later I can show up as the best version of myself?
  • I’ve been craving the same foods for 3 weeks. Is this normal?
  • I’m kinda sick of exercise, can I take a break? How do I go about this? Have you ever done this? What will happen?

Since you girls have so many questions (yay, since questions are an essential part of growth!) I wanted to provide an extra channel for you to get support.

Of course, in Authentically You, you’ll get your questions answered from me and the other girls on our group coaching calls (you’ll each have plenty of time to coach with me), in our private Facebook group, and in emails with me… But I wanted to give you even MORE.

So, as a SURPRISE bonus, here’s what I’m doing! Throughout the 8-week program, on top of your group coaching calls, weekly audio lessons, FB group interaction, and encouraging emails from me, you’ll ALSO receive these bonus mini-interviews (20-30 minutes) from the following incredible women:

Simi Botic

(Feminine Wellness Expert)

Simi Botic

Simi is a Holistic Health Coach and feminine wellness expert. Simi is also my partner in Finally Free Program (a virtual program that teaches women how to make peace with food from square-one).

Simi herself has celiac disease, and eats intuitively within the realm of not being able to eat gluten. Simi shares, in her interview, all about how we can think about food & the way we want to feel, within the parameters of a food restriction.

She shares how we can avoid extremes, honor our bodies, and feel calm while doing so.

Jamie Mendell

(Master in Supreme Self-Care)

Jamie Mendell

Jamie is a Health Coach who focuses on self-care. And not just any self care, like pedicures & massages. Though those are great, Jamie really focuses on teaching you to pay attention to how you want to feel and checking-in on what you want, to see if what you’re doing is in line with that.

Jamie & I talk through how we can figure out what we really want, and how we can make sure that our schedules & actions reflect that. Jamie is going to help us get to the heart of what we want.

Jennifer Seale

(Holistic Health & Spiritual Practitioner)

Jen Seale

Jen is an amazing friend, former client, and Health Coach herself. She is also a Spiritual Practitioner who went through an intensive 4 year training through the Centers for Spiritual Living. She is great at helping others with a super gentle, non-judegemental approach.

Jen is an amazing listener, and has a very calming and sweet presence. In Jen’s interview, we talk through creating spiritual practices or rituals, whether they’re as planned out as my quiet time or as small as checking in with yourself through the day.

Jen has a ton of women who come to her when their life is feeling chaotic and they want to feel PEACE. So, we’ll be touching on this too.

Elizabeth Bolduc

(Health Coach & my own Six-Month Program Client)

Elizabeth Bolduc

Elizabeth is a client of mine who worked with me for the past 3.5 years. She’s an incredible client, who did so much work, always asked questions, and experienced so much growth in our time together that she’s now a Health Coach herself.

Elizabeth came to me when she was in a really tough spot. So she knows struggle. She can relate to you, and she can encourage you to keep going. She will touch on specific areas that she struggled with and share how she kept going so you can too.

This interview is very real, and very encouraging.

Amy Young

(Life Coach & Relationship Guru)

Amy Young

Amy, you guys… Is not only an incredible friend of mine, but an amazing life & relationship coach. Her YouTube channel will have you in tears laughing. Amy has such clear, direct, and wise relationship advice.

You’ll hear from Amy on how to care for yourself BEFORE you get in a relationship, or while you’re already in one. She’ll be talking all about how to care for yourself so you can feel amazing and so that you can show up as the highest version of yourself.

Double win!

Asia Croson

Photographer & Confidence Expert


Okay, so I made up “Confidence Expert,” but if you’ve ever taken one look at Asia’s work, I bet you’ve thought “jeez, that girl has got some confidence!” Or, if you’ve ever spent any amount of time with her in person, you’ve thought the same.

I have followers write me and say “your friend Asia, the one with purple hair (she usually has purple hair) – she’s so confident! She’s so cool!”

And it’s not a cocky confidence. It’s a “hey, I can do this, and so can you!” It’s a “yeah, I’ve worked really hard for this, so I’m proud.” It’s contagious, and it makes you feel good about yourself. Which is what makes her such an awesome photographer.


What do you think? Isn’t this exciting? These interviews hold HUGE value, and everyone in Authentically You is going to get them for free. These interviews are exclusive for the Authentically You community, and everyone who signs-up for “Transform Me.”

(There may be a few more guest interviewee’s as I get requests, too!) 

We start September 5th (next Monday – one week from today!). Join us now & hop in the Facebook group to say “hello” & introduce yourself! The moment you sign-up, you’ll hear from me telling you everything you need to prep for Monday!

Have questions? Post them below in the comment section! 

P.S. I’ve had some women ask me “what is the difference between Authentically You & Finally Free?” so in my next post, I’ll be sharing this with you.

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