sweet gift

Nicest thing ever- one of my twitter Tone It Up friends (@postcardlife) sent me one of her perfect fit protein powders to try! (smoothie below)

The next nicest thing ever! Mama made me breakfast yesterday.

Ezekiel toast with smart balance & strawberries

After breakfast, I went out grocery shopping and bought tons of goods! All vegan 🙂

Ventura now has Kombucha made & bottled here! It’s called The Bu

Next thing- yerba mate! I’m giving up Coffee!

Learning so much from integrative Nutrition. I have learned that Coffee strips the lining of our intestines. Not the best thing to start our days with! I’m going to go from Yerba Mate to Herbal Teas next

Chi Bar! Free sample from Lassens. Actually pretty good 🙂

Lunch: smoothie w/ almond milk berries, flaxseed, banana, perfect fit, & spinach

I swear- you cannot taste the spinach! Hidden nutrition!

I made my own basket bag! 😉

I didn’t want everything to fall out of my bike, so I took my grocery bag, rolled in town, and put a kitchen towel in the bottom

Marco and I have been riding bikes the past couple days and it has been so much fun!

He’s my best friend in the whole world 🙂

Dinner: gluten free/vegan quesadilla!

Daiya Pepper Jack Vegan cheese, bell pepper, spinach, and gluten free fiesta tortilla

Harvest grains w/ greens & black bean soup

Snacks while babysitting: rice chips w/ sea salt

KIND Bar Cranberry Almond

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