Taking A Break From Social Media

Taking A Break From Social Media

On May 16th I was texting a friend.

“How are you?” I asked.

“So good. I’ve taken a break from social media and it’s helped so much.” She said.

I wish I could do that. I thought…

But I can’t, I own an online business. I thought…

And then it hit me… but what if you could?

I think many of us would agree that social media in excess leads to exhaustion. Depletion. An endless search of fulfillment that never quite fills.

My “excess” limit isn’t very high.

A couple extra hours a day scrolling, scattered throughout looking for entertainment, can be what drains me.

I needed a break.

And so on May 16th, that same day I was texting a friend, I gave myself that break I so desired.

Experiment, I said to myself.

See what happens, I said to myself.

Well, here’s what it’s been like – despite my fears, here’s what has “happened”…

  • I’ve been present with friends.
  • I’ve looked forward to movie nights, free from a phone in my hand stealing 75% of my attention.
  • I’ve been more patient. Open minded. Responsive instead of reactive.
  • I’ve been thoughtful. I’ve been able to form my own thoughts and opinions.
  • I’ve ordered books. Listened to books.
  • I’ve enjoyed music. Rest.

It’s refreshed me.

I’ve received more emails and email replies. More engagement in my newsletter (sign-up below this post).

More engagement on the blog (thank you!). More client interaction.

I’ve gotten sweet messages saying “I miss you on social media, but I hope you’re enjoying your break.” (That means so much to me, thank you.)

So, the break continues.

I haven’t felt a full go-ahead in my Spirit to go back yet, so I’ve continued to extend my return date.

It’s now set for July 1 (see post)… I’ll do a self check-in when I get to that date and see if I feel a full YES.

If not, I’ll continue talking with you through these channels: emails, blogging, and coaching.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Traveling… we just went camping in Ventura, CA for a few days. It was beautiful.
  • Reading… I just started a new book, but I’d like to read it and form my own opinions before I share it.
  • Watching… Just finished Sweet Magnolia’s on Netflix (and it was sweet).
  • Eating… Loads and loads of salads full of yummy cheeses, veggies, meats, and nuts. Also, cheese plates.
  • Drinking… Grenache Blanc. Rose. Martini’s. It’s a tasty summer over here.
  • Listening to… Lady, by Brett Young… this sweet song reminds me of my mom. I’m in heaven.
  • Seeing… Friends. People. In person. I’ve been very focused on connection.
  • Working on… Self-Love Summer. Re-doing it completely, sharing one lesson at a time each week for 13-weeks of summer in The Growth Vault (join us).
  • Enjoying… Patience. Presence. Joy. Authenticity (which I’ve experienced a heightened amount of).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that if you need permission to take a break, you can take one too.

Before I go…

Do you want to focus on loving yourself completely so you can love others completely, this summer? This is our mission behind Self-Love Summer. Come join us in The Growth Vault for the next 3-months. We just started this week.

Love, Paige

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