Thank You Dad

Good morning all! How was your weekend? Did you see my BIG Announcement?

photo 1I’ve more than filled all 5 spots for consultations but if you would like to get on my waiting list, please feel free to do so by filling out your Health History.

Is this the messiest you’ve ever seen my desk? It’s because I’m working like crazy putting these binders together. I think I need to hire an assistant? Ha!

IMG_7255Gosh. They’re pretty!

photo 2Friday night after a full day of work Marco and I went out for Pho. Who loves Pho?! A Client of mine recommended Mai’s Cafe in Ventura to me. We loved it, and I got exactly what she suggested! Spring Rolls & Veggie Pho!

photo 3


photo 4

After Pho, Marco & I went out for kiddie-sized ice cream at McConnell’s in Ventura. Mm! So good. I got Pistachio. It always tastes so refreshing to me 🙂

photoAnd the picture I’ll leave you with today is Dad & I when I was about 3! Hehe. Happy Father’s Day (yesterday) to this amazing man. I’m so thankful for all of the hundreds of times he played/goofed around with me when I was little. He built me forts out of cardboard boxes, fences, and even blankets/furniture. He filmed video’s with us. Played restaurant, took us to the pool… I don’t even know what we were doing here, but I know it was something creative and adventurous. Thank you Dad for being so fun, and so supportive. I love you! Oh, and for instilling the passion in my heart for exercise, moderation, and healthy, home cooking! You’re my special guy 🙂

Love, Paige

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