Thanks For Sticking With Me

Good morning everyone!

OH my gosh!

I’m dying of excitement over here. My theme is fixed!

You wouldn’t believe that all I had to do was move one little “&” mark in my entire code.

If anyone else has Thesis 1.84 or 5 and you struggled after updating to WordPress 4.0, use THIS forum.

Saved my life.

I can now relax 🙂

I hope you’re on my Newsletter for the week, it comes out tomorrow!



eggs and toast

Eggs and toast

Step at 8:30

It was my favorite Step teachers last day. Ah! I hope they find another person who is just as good hard.


avocado pita with kale salad

I guess we can call this lunch? It was at about 10:15 after my class.

Kale salad with Cruciferous Blend, shredded carrots, turkey bacon, gorgonzola, and goddess dressing + a toasted pita with a thin coat of Kerrygold butter, avocado, sea-salt, and red chili pepper flakes. The pita was to-die-for.


honey greek yogurt with gluten free granola

Around 1:15 I had a snack of honey greek yogurt and gluten free granola.


pita with avocado

And, a few hours later I had another pita with avo since the first one was so good! First one was better though 😉

I had a couple of pieces of dark chocolate too for my Petite Treat.



Dinner was a pasta soup that I made, and we ate late, around 7:45. Last weekend, after I walked with my Mom and her Sisters (and my Cousin), we all stopped and got coffee. Around the table we shared many recipes, two of which I made this week (kale wraps and this soup). I have no idea if I made it like my aunt, but it turned out well! AND IT MADE A TON. Who wants soup? Ha!

Here’s what I did exactly:

  1. chopped up two refrigerated chicken breasts into dice size cubes (maybe slightly bigger)
  2. Got out a large pot, heated up some olive oil and garlic, and threw in the chicken
  3. Covered, let cook –> start chopping veggies
  4. Chop up one green bell pepper (and onion, celery, and carrot if you don’t buy a blend — I bought a container that was already diced)
  5. Throw in the veggies, mix, and cover
  6. Start your pasta in another pot (to save room) — the pastas are the little tiny square raviolis filled with cheese (dry, 2/3 the bag)
  7. Add a container of chicken broth to the soup
  8. Bring to boil, and then reduce to low
  9. Once the pasta is done add it to the soup with some of the pasta water (which you did not salt)
  10. Add in raw broccoli florets (how ever many you’d like)
  11. Give it a nice stir, sprinkle with 21 Seasoning Salute, or Mrs. Dash, and let sit on low for a while (gets more flavorful!)

My Aunt adds “Creole Seasoning” to this pasta, and I believe it’s one of the main parts. But, I didn’t have any, so I kinda swung it!

This is simple, but takes a while. I chose to make this on a day I was off early but still had to do office work. I put the soup together on my break, and let it sit on low while I finished work.


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Love, Paige

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