Thanksgiving Day Support (+ two days of eats!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m so excited! I made you a Thanksgiving day audio, and I feel so happy about it. I think it’s going to be super helpful for you, and I would love for you to listen to it the morning of Thanksgiving!

Sign-up for this free audio HERE with your name & email. 

AND, today I’m also going to share daily eats 🙂

Before we dive in, let’s remember that the purpose of me sharing my eats with you is not for you to compare your eats to mine, but to encourage you to feel FREE around food. To trust that you don’t need to diet or have strict rules around food, rather, you can trust that your body will let you know what will/won’t feel good each day.

Monday –

girl, you are a boss

Monday morning started out with a few hours of work in my office with coffee, of course! I love working from my office early Monday mornings – planning out the week, writing the first post of the week, connecting with my clients, etc… Such a good way to start the workweek around here.

scrambled eggs and cheese

Breakfast was a simple scrambled two eggs with cheddar cheese as I’ve still not been feeling the bread the last couple of days. (If you read my last daily eats post, I shared how I’m listening to my body as most grains aren’t sounding great to my body right now). 

After morning work and breakfast, Marco & I went to the gym. We started a new weight routine over the weekend, and oh dang girls… I’m so sore! It’s been extra fun to workout WITH him, I’m loving it! 🙂

spinach and salmon salad

When we got home from the gym it was time for a quick lunch and then running off to my hair appointment. I made a simple salad with: salmon from the night before, romaine, tomatoes, olives, gorgonzola, and balsamic vinaigrette. So yummy! If you don’t like gorgonzola, try goat cheese or feta!

After lunch I got my hair done. A little lighter & brighter! Once I was done at the salon Marco and I ran errands together – went to Costco and did our grocery shopping for the week at Trader Joe’s.

stuffed olives

When we got home I poured a glass of wine and got out some olives to snack on while I made dinner. I was so hungry and wanted something to take the edge off – this was the perfect little snack. I’ve been craving olives like no other lately. Anyone else? ‘Cause apparently my friends are ALSO craving them!

gluten free pizza homemade trader joes crust

For dinner I made gluten free pizza (Trader Joe’s has an incredible gluten free crust – see here!) with pesto, chicken, mozzarella, roasted red bell peppers, tomato, artichoke hearts, and pepper. HEAVENS you guys! This is my favorite dinner that I’ve had in a WHILE. SO GOOD!

We ended the day playing Settler’s of Catan at our friends house (I Snapped it – come join me @HealthyHitsSpot) and watching Netflix in bed… which, admittedly kept me up WAY too late. Ha! I get so hooked sometimes…! If I actually need to get to bed on time, a good show in bed is a no no!

Tuesday –

gomacro bar and blackhorse coffee

Tuesday morning started out with an early morning wake-up call to go work with my friend Asia. We landed ourselves at Black Horse coffee shop where I got a light roast coffee & enjoyed it with a GoMacro bar for breakfast. I love this combo – black coffee and one of these bars! 

gluten free pizza

When I got home I snacked on a couple of leftover pizza slices before I had a meeting with Sim to work on Finally Free Program. I checked in with myself on this snack because I knew I wanted pizza for lunch too, but nothing else sounded better so I said “Okay! I guess today is a pizza day!” Hit the spot perfectly.

After this snack I had my meeting with Sim & did a walking session with a client. A walking session is where my client and I are both on a walk while we have our phone session (services – see six-month Program). It’s an awesome way to have a great flowing session – I love walking and talking, don’t you?

healthy hits the spot working

When I got back from my walking session I did some more office work and made a recording for you all for Thanksgiving (don’t forget to sign-up HERE!). Then I made some coffee, turned on my music, and made lunch. Coffee brewing while I ate lunch – perfect thing to look forward to afterward.

gluten free pizza trader joes

For lunch I had leftover pizza from the night before. Seriously you guys… I cannot emphasize the goodness of this pizza. Can I make it for y’all? Will you come over?

pull apart sourdough loaf

For dinner, Marco and I went over to our friend Caitlin’s house to meet some of her family who were in from out of town. It was so fun, and dinner was so good! Our friend Tommy made this INSANE pull apart bread load, and I had to try it. So delish. I had a couple of pieces before dinner & another with it (below).

ribs sweet potato

Dinner was ribs with mashed sweet ‘taters and broccoli/kale slaw salad (they get this at Costco!). SO good. It was so nice to have a home cooked meal at someone elses house… Ah, loved it. And such good company too!

This morning I’m prepping for Sim & my Happy & Healthy Holiday call for our Finally Free Tribe members and getting excited about sending out my Thanksgiving audio & handout which you can sign up for fo’ free HERE!

I hope you enjoy it! I’m SO thankful for YOU!

Let me know what you think, and most of all, have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 

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