That Time I Added a New Chapter to My Business

 I want to help you gain the financial freedom. The freedom to HAPPILY PAY for the things you want to do/invest in.  I want to help you spend and save to pay for what you VALUE and feel confident and happy doing so.

I’ve got something new to share with you!

It’s not the thing I’ve been waiting to tell you until the end of this year — I’ll tell you that soon!  

But it IS still just as exciting for me and for you!

And I’m going to tell you in JUST a second, but first…

You know I’ve always loved budgeting, right? You’ve seen me do my budget every month on the first for years.

I started budgeting when I moved out in 2012 (I had to).

Just to show you it’s benefits…

Budgeting has allowed Marco and I to:

  • pay off my Prius (before it got totaled – sad day!)
  • stay out of debt from there forward
  • pay our portion of our wedding in cash (we paid for 1/3 of our wedding)
  • save to build our three month, six month, and now one year emergency fund (it keeps growing)
  • set aside enough money for a down payment on our future home
  • have the cash for our camper, truck, and my new car
  • pay for my courses/coaching/and business investments happily in full
  • build my entire business without a single loan

I know some of this might seem bizarre (it sounds bizarre to me too) considering 2012 was only six-years ago… but I think it’s important to share these things with you openly because I never thought I’d be telling you these things today.

There was a point in my life where saving just a few hundred dollars felt like a HUGE chore. And honestly, I had no idea WHY I was saving. It felt so BORING to me.

It’s like my story with food… I never would have told you eight years ago that I’d be promoting ANTI-DIETING. Eight years ago I was the worlds best dieter.

Same with money. Pre-2012 my idea of saving was letting enough money pile up in my savings account so I could spend it all in one shopping trip. Haha — that sounded WAY BETTER than keeping hard earned money in an account that felt like it was doing nothing good for me! (But seriously — thanks Urban Outfitters.)

A little back story…

When I first moved out I made $800 per month and anything else I needed I had to scrounge up by picking up extra babysitting work. I hustled my buns off.

My rent was $600 and my car payment was $234. I had less than $800 in my savings account.

You do the math. 😉

I started budgeting out of absolute necessity and I continue to budget because of the FREEDOM it gives me (not to mention the freedom it brings to my relationship with Marco).

I want to help you gain the same freedom. The freedom to HAPPILY PAY for the things you want to do/invest in.

I want to help you spend and save to pay for what you VALUE and feel confident and happy doing so.

Vacations? Coaching? A home? The best daycare for your kids? Any of it. Whatever you value, let’s help you be able to pay for it.

I shared a video on IGTV (saved on my Instagram here) about how food and financial freedom relate…

…and how the way we do one thing is the way we do everything.

In other words, the way we consume/treat food is the same way we consume/treat money.

Wild to think about, right?

Many women wrote in to that story and shared with me that they could relate.

I get questions daily about budgeting…

So here’s what I’m here to tell you today: 

  1. I’m going to host a workshop/class ASAP teaching you the exact system Marco and I have used and still use daily to save and budget (fill in your name and email below to have me save your spot for this class)
  2. Here’s the news I want to share! –> I signed up for a new training program to become a “Master Financial Coach” so that I can continue teaching you about financial freedom!

What does this mean for my business?

The food part of my business isn’t going away. Like I said… the way we eat is the way we spend.

Instead, I’ll be ADDING IN this financial coaching piece soon. You have made it SO clear to me that the financial piece/peace is just as important to you as the food piece/peace. I believe it is as well.

And I love teaching you about BOTH!

I am BEYOND excited about this.

If you are too (and I hope you are!), I want to let you know that I’m going to START by taking a limited number of women for my first budgeting and saving workshop, so if you would like me to email you with more details (date, price, etc…) fill in the form below.

Budgeting and Saving Class

Enter your name and email and I’ll contact you as SOON as I have the info together.

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