The #1 Reason We Turn Back To Dieting

Hi girls!

Today I want to talk about a topic that I discuss a lot with my clients: why you might be turning back to dieting every time you try to break free.

So many of us desperately want to be free from dieting forever.

It’s exhausting to constantly count calories, ban certain foods, or stay at a certain number on the scale.

So the real question is: why do we keep going back to it all? 

The #1 Reason we turn back to dieting

Oftentimes, it’s because it’s the one thing we feel we have control over when we are going through the hard parts of life. In a way, it allows us to numb out our emotions by focusing on controlling another aspect of our life so we don’t have to deal with them.

Dieting, counting calories, controlling a number on the scale…these things feel controlled and manageable compared to dealing with an negative parent, a relationship you’re unhappy in, or dealing with the fact that you haven’t figured out what you want to do with your life yet. Is this resonating yet?

Many of us naturally like to feel like we’re in control, even though total control is actually impossible (and really, wouldn’t feel good if we had it).

There will always be things in life we have no control over. Which is one reason I believe it’s so important to have spirituality in your life (more on that here). Believing in someone higher than yourself allows you to surrender everything over and recognize that it’s okay to feel like you don’t “have it all together”.

Whenever we’re facing uncomfortable things in life, we naturally want to run back to something that will distract us. For many of us here, it’s dieting. For others, it could be drugs, sex, or alcohol. Basically anything that allows us to numb out our emotions, even if it’s just for a short period of time.

In order to break free from dieting for good, we must allow ourselves to feel everything, even if it is uncomfortable (more on feeling our uncomfortable feelings in another post). Only then can we trust our bodies and know that we don’t need to run back to dieting each time we go through unpleasant things in life.

If you can relate to this post, comment below and let me know. I love hearing which things resonate with you girls.

It is not an easy or fast process, but once your body knows that you do not have to be in control of everything, you can break free from the reigns of dieting for good.

Love, Paige

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