The 4th of July Weekend: Daily Eats & Notes on Intuitive Eating

Good-morning all! Did you enjoy the 4th of July? How was your weekend? I’m here to share mine with you today.

Reminder: the purpose of sharing my own eats is to inspire & encourage all of you toward freedom with food (and, to honor all of you, as “Daily Eats” and “Weekend Eats” are my most requested posts). Even on a Holiday weekend, I want you to know that you can eat normally and still feel good/normal while enjoying what your body craves and being present with what’s going on around you. A note about today’s post: I’ll be including “IE (Intuitive Eating) notes” throughout to help share what goes into my simple decision making process around food. I hope that’s helpful :).


eggs and toast

On my last work day, Friday, I started with a simple breakfast of eggs on toast with Mr. Marco.

Through the early morning, I worked. Once I was finished, I took my office apart and set up “camp” for Aubrey & Tyeson (my friend & her son who came to visit). My Mom and I are switching legs on our desks, so I my desk apart and packed the legs in my car. We have same IKEA desks, and I just recently realized that she has the legs that allow you to make your desk a standing desk! Hallelujah! No more rigged standing desk, I’ll actually have a real one!

chicken villa with rice and beans

I ate lunch (leftover chicken villa with rice and beans) before my friends arrived, even though I knew they’d want to go to lunch once they were here.

IE note: I figured “…well, I have leftovers at home, I’m craving them, I’m hungry now (and they won’t be here for another 1.5 hours), and we’ll be eating out plenty over the weekend anyhow… I can eat now and still look forward to sitting and hanging out with them while they eat later.”

I walked to the train station to pick them up, grabbed an iced coffee on the way, and then headed over to Firestone Grill to get them lunch. After that, we walked back home, and were cozy for most of the day. We had a cozy inside, chatting, coffee talk kind of day :). Those are usually my absolute favorite!

slo spencer makenzies

For dinner, we walked to Spencer Makenzies here in San Luis Obispo (“SLO”). I ordered two grilled fish taco’s (one to take home for Marco once he was off work) and one for me, plus an ahi pocket (so good!).

IE note: I ordered one fish taco and one ahi pocket instead of two fish taco’s for myself, because I remember the last time I did that I felt way too full.

We walked back home after dinner, cozied up, and watched The Cobbler (newer Adam Sandler movie) while enjoying a little bit of FroYo.

IE note: I ate on the couch while eating my yogurt, which I normally choose not to do, but made an exception. The key, before I started eating I reminded myself gently that it was possible I’d be less satisfied from eating in front of the TV and I’d have to be okay with that. It ended up being just fine, and I was still satisfied afterward :). That honest awareness before starting really helped.


Saturday morning started off with an at home core workout, followed by eggs on toast for breakfast. After breakfast, we all walked downtown and shopped around the SLO shops. I treated myself and picked up this bralette from Free People that I’d been wanting for a while. Pretty, right?

For lunch, we ate at Mother’s Tavern. I forgot to take food pictures on Saturday, which, although inconvenient for a blog post, was actually sort of nice! Can you blame me for that feeling?! Hehe. I ordered the “MO|TAV Burger” with a turkey patty, whole wheat bun, and a side salad with bleu cheese instead of french fries.

IE note: I knew that I could have french fries anytime I was truly craving then, and I really wasn’t in the mood for them. On the other hand, a crispy, fresh, colorful green salad with yummy bleu cheese dressing sounded phenomenal. It was!

avila beach california

After lunch, I took Marco to work and then Aubrey, Tyson and myself headed to Avila Beach to celebrate the 4th of July. We got so much sun (with SPF 50!) which felt amazing…

aubrey paige tye

We left the beach around 5:30 and headed back home to rest for a couple hours before dinner. Once we got home, I made a small snack of crackers, and pepper jack cheese.

IE note: This snack held me over well, because when dinner time came around I was not hungry at all. So, I went with Aubs and Tye to dinner, knowing that I could get something later (and that would be okay because we were going to be up super later, driving home to Ventura). Keep in mind, I never planned to “skip” dinner, I just knew I wasn’t hungry and gave myself permission to wait until my hunger came. This felt good.

After dinner we walked back home, packed up the car, and I got fully ready for the night. I knew we’d probably head out with friends once we hit Ventura. On our way to pick up Marco from work, we stopped at the gas station where I bought a coffee (crazy, right?!) and a little bag of Jalapeño chips for M. I ended up eating most of the chips myself, as they tasted oddly delicious with my sweet coffee on the way home (ha!) and Marco had eaten a full dinner at work.

We DID end up going out at night, and didn’t get back to the house until about 2:30 (Lord, I can’t remember the last time I stayed up so late!). I was of course hungry once we got home so I made the worlds best grilled cheese (see recipe).

IE note: I made a small(ish) sized sandwich since I knew I’d be going right to bed. I was hungry, but didn’t want a full belly while I slept because I knew it would make me toss and turn.


On Sunday Marco and I woke up and headed to Church at Mission (fav!) and listened to an incredible sermon… It was definitely a tear-jerker for me. I loved the music so much this past Sunday… It was a great service. If you’re interested, they have the service posted online here (as of now, 8:15 am Pacific time it’s not up yet, but it should be within the next couple of days – when you hit “episode info” the service should be by “Jen Oakes”). It’s about being your “true self” and was so freeing.

corn tortillas, eggs, rice, and cheese

When we came home from Church around noon I made us brunch. Corn tortillas with eggs, rice, shredded cheese, and super spicy salsa. Yum!

IE note: I wasn’t hungry when I first woke up because I had eaten late at night (remember, the grilled cheese) so I had some coffee and waited until after Church. This felt perfect, and totally doable on such a flexible Sunday.

Marco and I walked at the beach in the afternoon, and then came home and each took a little nap. Ah, how I love days that I get to take cat naps. They feel so relaxing! I woke up around 4:00 and had a small bowl of homemade chili that my Dad made. OH MY GOSH. So good! At about 6:50, we made chili dogs, and I didn’t get a picture of that either. Darn! Side note: I heard on the radio that America eats about 1,500,000 hot dogs on the 4th of July weekend. How crazy is that!? Hopefully today I’ll enjoy some leftover chili again (if there is any leftover) and will be able to take a picture and share it in tomorrows daily eats :).

After dinner, Marco and I went to the movies to see Ted 2. Really funny, but man oh man, you’ve never heard so many bad words in your life. If that offends you, I wouldn’t recommend it. That stuff doesn’t really offend me, and it was still a little startling!

IE note: we usually get popcorn at the movies, but because we’d just eaten, we weren’t really hungry for it. Since popcorn feels like a fun “indulgence,” I gave myself permission to instead “indulge” in my date with Marco (our time together, holding hands, laughing, etc.) and going out to the movies, instead of watching one at home. I remembered that food is not our only option for indulgence.

Was this post helpful? Is it helpful to see my “IE notes”? If you have questions, the perfect place to ask is in the comments section – I read every one myself. 

Comparison is not allowed here. Either use this post for inspiration or toss it from your mind. My only goal is to create a space where we can, together, learn and re-learn about intuitive eating, talk through the process, and see how it works (this is only one example – there are many other ways to eat intuitively)…


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