The Bazaar, Beverly Hills


Breakfast: non-existant. I do not recommend this! I was running out the door yesterday trying to be on time to pick up my Mom for Church, and I didn’t get breakfast.

After Church, the family and I went to Panera Bread. I got a soy cappucino (so good!) I didn’t get any food, because I’ve been eating out so much this last weekend, and I knew I was going out to dinner too.

After Coffee, Mom and I went shopping and peaked at some apartments in River Park – a newer area right next to Ventura. There’s a Whole Foods going in there! Eek!


Lunch: breakfast for lunch. I had eggs + toast made by my Momma. Ahhhh, breakfast made by Mom is always the best!

My Dad also made homemade pizza, so I had half a slice to try it. So yummy!


The bread above is Dave’s Killer Seed Bread – anyone ever tried it? It’s super good! My parents are obsessed!

photo 2

Last night for dinner, I met my friend Angela in LA. We went to The Bazaar in Beverly Hills… sooo nice!


(Picture from Website)

I wish I could tell you the names of all the tapa’s we ordered… but I don’t know them!

The above was stuffed with guac

photo 1

There was bread + bruschetta w/ cheese…. (parmesan?)

Chicken cutlets (yes, I had two… they didn’t have much meat. They really took care of us, so I wanted to try everything – still on the meat-free train, though)

Ceviche wrapped with avocado

292542_373487196084631_279574627_n photo 3

These, I really can’t think of the name, or what they were! But they were rich, and tasty!

photo 4

Sweet potato chips with a black licorice/cream dip – acquired taste for sure

photo 5

And dessert! Little green tea cookies, pecan pie cookies, and chocolately delish… Don’t know what those are called either 🙂

We had a great time!


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