The Best Date I’ve Ever Had

Monday morning started off getting coffee with my friend Jenni, going to the gym with my hubby, and then working a half day. While I was at the gym with Marco, he asked me if I wanted to go on a special date. I of course said “yes!” as I wanted to relive the fun feelings we had over the weekend.

I was a little overwhelmed with work Monday morning, as it was the start of the week and my brain felt flooded with business. Running your own business is the most rewarding and brain consuming thing you can do. Especially when you’re a solopreneur. It’s all you! You are your book keeper, sales person, coach, project manager, writer, etc…

So, when the hubby asked if I wanted to go on a special date, I was all for it. Because although running a business on your own can be tough, my top priority is to always keep it way more fun and rewarding. So, balance is an absolute priority for me.

The best date I've ever been on - 1 of 8

This is where we landed! Morro Bay State Park campgrounds. After the gym, while I worked Marco packed up our car and got all of the camping stuff ready. When we got to our spot we set up, and then went out to the grocery store to buy firewood and dinner.

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When we got back to the campground, we finished setting up, turned on our music (we took our UE Boom), and started cooking.

The best date I've ever been on - 3 of 8

For dinner we BBQ’d chicken and sautéed veggies. Marcos grandma is a PRO thrift store shopper, so over the years she’s found us our pop-up tent and this grill. She also got us a lantern that worked great for a while but needed replacing last night. We’ve also been buying camping stuff little by little since we got married, and so now I think we’re set!

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Such a good, filling dinner. I’m always surprised how much veggies fill me up! We ate dinner, cleaned up, and then walked around the campground. The moon was just about full, but not quite. Full moon was last night (Tuesday). The weather felt amazing… Warm during the day and cooled down at night. The campground is in a woodsy area and also right next to the ocean.

The best date I've ever been on - 5 of 8

When it was fully dark we made a fire and sat around it for a couple of hours chatting and listening to music. It was by far the most special date I’ve ever had. Camping is definitely my style. It took me right back to childhood. We decided that for my birthday in a couple of weeks we’re going to do a little road trip up the coast and pack our tent instead of staying in hotels.

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To end the night we watched Pitch Perfect 2 in our tent. We both fell asleep about halfway through. We were so relaxed and sleepy. My Rain Design mStand worked perfect for watching a movie on the laptop from a low air mattress. It tilted down just the right amount so we could see the full screen.

The best date I've ever been on - 7 of 8

We slept in a little bit later than we normally do on Tuesday morning (8:15). I woke up slowly, made my coffee with a french press and coconut milk (canned), and sat in my cozy camping chair and read my bible. After I was done with my coffee, I made us breakfast.

The best date I've ever been on - 8 of 8

Scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa. It’s interesting what you can and can’t cook with only a little stove. Bread seems nearly impossible or at least inconvenient. So I imagine our future trips will be full of protein and veggies. It’s what’s easy! And yummy!

After breakfast we packed up together and drove back to SLO. When we got home, we unpacked everything, showered off, and then I started work for the day.

This was again, by far, my absolute favorite date and little trip that Marco and I have been on. I loved that it was spontaneous, on a Monday, and just the two of us. I’m excited for my birthday trip :).

Share with me the best date you’ve ever been on. I want to hear!


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