The best part of today: I got flowers in Coffee Bean from my boyfriend :)

Hello all! I am off babysitting now, and can catch you up on my day 🙂

Today, Kurt and I went to Coffee Bean. While sitting down drinking my Coffee, a man came up to us who was selling flowers. I declined politely as I didn’t have any cash. Kurt on the other hand pulled out his money immediately and bought me a bouquet of beautiful pink roses! It made me so happy, I smiled the entire rest of the way home

When we got back, before I left to babysit, I had a bowl of Oatmeal for dinner. It just sounded too good 🙂 When I make my Oatmeal, I like to chop up thick chunks of banana, and throw it in the pot when it’s about half way through. That way, when the oatmeal is done, it tastes/feels like there are little banana “clouds” in the oatmeal! So yummy 🙂

While I was babysitting, I snacked on these two things. Super yummy and satisfying. I had these snacks a couple hours apart 🙂

I have a lot on my mind right now, about weight loss, living, happiness, making goals, overwhelming yourself, etc… it’s too much to share right now, but I am going to talk about it all in the morning, because I feel like many of you will be able to read it an relate to me 🙂

For now, good night and sweet dreams!

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