The Best (Simple!) CrockPot Recipe

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chicken tortilla soup with croutons

I have a wonderful CrockPot recipe to share with you today!

chicken tortilla soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup from “A Table for Two” Blog! See the recipe here. Her photos are gorgeous!

You can have it with croutons on top OR…

chicken tortilla soup with chips

…crushed up tortilla chips. We had both – I thought the croutons won!

The only change I made to the recipe was using pepper jack cheese instead of regular jack (I like spicy!).

Note: this recipe IS spicy – so make sure you like the spice before cooking this up 🙂 This was my fav CrockPot recipe so far!

paige and marco schmidt

Hello from Marco and I! We had such a fun weekend 🙂 This picture was taken while eating out at Mexican Food with M’s Grandparents in Cambria 🙂 They came to visit!

I’ll see you back here tomorrow for some daily eats… and THEN… it’s Christmas Eve and Christmas! Wahoo!

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