The best tostada’s ever!

Okay, so the first thing that needs to be said in this post is that I have an AMAZING Dad!

Tonight, he made chile verde tostadas. Okay, thank you MOM for frying the tortillas 😉

Seriously though… these are the best tostadas I have ever had.

I made one and then had to get up for another. I don’t usually do seconds, but this was an absolute MUST.

They had beans, chile verde, cabbage, tomato, avocado, and onions. As healthy as you’re going to get a tostada and so darn good! He even made the chile verde as lean as you can make it, and I didn’t put that much meat.

This is my thumbs up, with my second plate in the background. I can’t wait till the next time we have tostadas now! Lunch tomorrow? 😉

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